Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clued in Kids Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out some fun products.  Kids love scavenger hunts, but some days I just don't have the creativity or the energy to do one.  So they are disappointed and I am left feeling like I am not doing enough for them.  So I was very excited to try out the Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book ($8.99) and Multiplication Dragons download ($19.99) scavenger hunts from Clued in Kids.

Clued in Kids offers several different choices for their scavenger hunts and clue books.  The average age is as early as 4/5 (with help reading) through high school depending on the hunt your choose.   They are really good family fun!  They can be used for learning, parties and just something different and unique to have a "fun" day in your homeschool.

The 5-Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunts (2X - 6X tables) - ($19.99) was an easily downloaded PDF file.   Lydia is learning her multiplication facts, so I was excited to try and put a new spin on this lesson for her.  Like I mentioned, the PDF files were extremely easy to download.  I did print them in color for Lydia, but I think I could print them black and white also.  She wasn't feeling great one day, but wanted to do something, so it was a great last minute activity for her.   

I didn't get pictures of her finishing up her clue hunt, because I had a concussion and was laying on the couch.  So this kind of shows you how easy it was to set up.  When they say it takes 8 minutes to set up, they are not joking.  It takes me longer to plan her math lessons.  

I printed and cut them in half.  Hid the pieces and handed her the clues with a clipboard and a pencil.  Told her if she needed something to ask me.  She thought it was cool to walk around and be the detective.  She said she was learning to be Nancy Drew.  

The questions centered around her practicing her math facts for each number.  Questions that were also included on patterns, word problems, mazes and even a little bit of spelling.  So she was using her math, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

I easily hid the clues in about 5 minutes around the house and I hid a cute Little Pet Shop prize as the treasure.  She absolutely LOVED this activity.  She has repeatedly requested for the other numbers to be put in her schoolwork lessons.  So we are working our way through all the numbers.  And she can easily repeat these, because even if she remembers a couple of the pages, she still must remember her math facts to solve several of the clues.  So if she is trying to memorize the cards, she's really memorizing her math't tell her I already know her methods to get the treat!

Caty tried the Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book ($8.99).  She thought this was the greatest thing in the world!  She needed help reading the clues, but once she figured it out, she wanted to do all the writing for the clues.  

 It helped to really give her a sense of accomplishment.

 She had to do princess activities such as curtsey.....
 and balance a book (or in her case her clipboard) on her head.

When she found her treasure she was so excited!!!  I keep a small stash of tiny prizes I find on sale/clearance racks.  Caty has repeatedly asked to do this again.  So we will definitely be added these activities from Clued in Kids into Caty's weekly schedule.

I cannot express how easy these clue/scavenger hunts from Clued in Kids were to set up and for the girls to complete.  Lydia was able to complete her 5-Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunts on her own.  The Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book was such a fun confidence building activity for Caty.  She was able to complete so much of it on her own, without Mom.  I was so excited about this new skill she took up on her own....scavenger hunter.

You can use the scavenger hunts and clue pads from Clued in Kids in your school, for a rainy/snowy afternoon (and the easy to buy PDFs are great for these last minute times), or even planned parties.

These are so easy to print and set up, I plan on continuing to include them in both girls weekly school work in order to keep showing them how much fun learning can be.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out other products from Clued in Kids.  Please take some time to read about all the great products that we got to try from Clued in Kids.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Visiting the North Carolina Aquarium

One a recent visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we had to opportunity to visit The Aquarium in Manteo with the friends we were there with.  Of course we had to get eaten by the Great White at the

Checking out fish native to the Outer Banks

The otter kept running and hiding.  The kids thought it was funny.

Lots and lots of turtles

They even had the sea turtle rescue open this time.  Our last visit 2 years ago, this was not up and running.  So Lydia was very excited!
These are sea turtles that were rescued on the beaches in the OBX.  They are getting stronger so they can be re-released.

They had a nice display on sea turtles there.  We learned quite a bit.
They even have a sea turtle hospital the kids can play in.  They would take a plastic turtle and go through the steps from diagnosis, to treatment and then recovery.

Each step had a short video so that you knew what you were doing.  They had equipment for the kids to really pretend they were marine biologists.

Releasing her healed sea turtle

And then it was on to see more marine life.

I wonder if that shark realized she had dissected a relative just a couple weeks before?

Touch tank...Caty just wasn't sure about touching a starfish.

Hanging out at the shark tank...

They earned their Marine Biologist patches by answering questions from things they read throughout the museum.

And then they mined for shark teeth in sand.

This was the last weekend for the dinosaur display....

The favorite part of this trip was definitely the turtle hospital.  Both girls loved playing in there.

If you get a chance and you are in the Outer Banks, we highly recommend a visit to the North Carolina Aquarium - Manteo.