Friday, December 28, 2018

Seeing Disney on Ice - Frozen

The girls had a blast going to see Disney's Frozen on Ice.

And then lunch at their favorite Japanese "fast food" restaurant.

Friday, December 21, 2018

The First Week of Winter Surprises

Remember what I said about a LOT of doctor appointments?!?!  Between Joe's appts for his heart, a gout attack onset, and I developed a kidney infection, life has been chaotic.  Brayden had an oral surgeon appointment to have some baby teeth pulled, and both boys had optometrist appointments.

Joe had his Invisaligners put in.

We received a lot of beautiful fruit packages from family and friends instead of flowers.  The kids loved opening these boxes.

The girls worked on a Pinball Science project in Science Club.  I think they enjoyed this project kit that I found at Costco.

Basketball season started.  The boys are now on the Adult Mens team, and the girls on the Youth team.  Two separate teams, means four days of practice every week.  Game schedule will get crazy too.

The girls had a class on how to decorate cookies with royal icing.  They really enjoyed this.

Brayden decided to want to help make lunch more.  One day we had Keto Butter chicken, which was a hit.

He proudly made his own chicken salad for lunch.  Since he is considered pre-diabetic and had to go on Metformin, he is learning to make much healthier choices.

He loved learning how to make Cashew Chicken.

Caty had a 4H event, she won this adorable stuffed bear.

Staying warm and working on her math.

Art class online

Working on children's book art....

Visiting the zoo....

I made Joe still ride in a scooter because he was only two weeks since the heart attack.  He was cleared by the cardiologist for short walks, but not long walks.

The first day of Winter brought hot chocolate pancakes and whipped cream.

Puzzles and books to enjoy!

We also got the girls tickets to see Disney's Frozen on Ice.  They were ecstatic!

Joe started a couple weeks of cardiac rehab.  Getting stronger and better!

Hope everyone had a great week!!