Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

What a week!  The second week of the month is always busy.  We have Zoo Class, World Travelers and then throw in doctor checks and wow....I feel like I am never home.

This week we learned about North and South Korea.  We cannot discuss North Korea anymore with Joey.  He went on a two-hour rant about propaganda and dictatorship.  It was not pretty.  It's been a week and he is still off and on ranting about it.

We read this fun book and then made the dish...allergen friendly for our family.

 We played Gonngi which is Korean Jacks....and let me tell you this is hard!!!
We had a Korean Stir-fry and Veggie pancakes that was very yummy.
We colored a flag for each country and watched videos about each one on YouTube.

In Health class, we learned about whole grains and made a healthy snack of oat-free granola bars.  We used quinoa flakes, cranberries, honey, pecans, and cashew butter to make these.

We also talked about beans being a source of protein.  And the wide variety of beans that are available to us.  They made bean collages with dry beans then.

In History, we covered Joseph and the Egyptians.  The Story of the World Activity was to make a multi-color Joseph coat.  Here's Caty making hers while we watched, Joseph: King of Dreams.

All the kids are now using Reading Eggs.  Caty is loving the program, Lydia is fast progressing through her phonics also.  I love the new Reading Eggspress section for Reading Comprehension.  Both boys are using it also.  

Lydia had zoo class this week, so we kept Caty home from her preschool and the girls and I went together. Here's Caty hamming it up for the camera.

 Lydia too.

 This is a homeschool mom we met from Alaska!

Lydia flew through two lessons in her Math U See program.  She is doing really well at skipping counting and counting by 10s.

In Science we talked about the Nervous System.  We watched the Schoolhouse Rock video on the brain and also Bill Nye's Nervous System video.  Oh and of course it was Human Body week with Sid the Science kid, so we watched all those episodes to finish up our study of the body.

We finished up talking about Winter weather by discussing the different type of weather warnings and how we can be safe while traveling in the winter.

The boys finished their review of nouns, and we will be starting adjectives on Monday.  I am going to continue parts of speech review for the remainder of the year.  I think things are finally clicking for them.

We took Friday off from "school" and went to our local science museum for a Sid the Science Kid meet and greet.

That's a whole other post.

We actually accomplished a lot this week, even with all the issues we were faced with.  Hoping next week goes this way also.

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  1. oh my boys would have loved to do a Sid The Science kid meet and greet!!

  2. yeah your week sounds busy!! xoxo

  3. Love, love, love the picture of Lydia and the Hippo. Despite your many trips outside it sounds very productive to me, more so than ours was and we didn't go out that much. I had a case of the school blah's!

  4. I want Caty's hair! LOL LOVE LOVE those curlies!

    Those beginning chopsticks look fun to use with your yummy meal! Looks like a great study!

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