Monday, September 30, 2019

First Day of Fall, Raptor Talk, Bison Farm, Homeschool Hike & Nebulizers

You all know that I love to do little surprises for my family.  First day of fall was no different.  I got up and had planned a day of fall meals for them.  Pumpkin bread, warm soup, and pear chicken with sauteed radishes and sweet potato fries for dinner.  Everyone got a little treat bag with something rather fall themed per their personality.

I did get most of my fall decorations put up in the living room too.

In Science Club we talked about maps.  They did two activities.  One was to draw the world onto an orange and see if they could lay the map flat.  The other activity they had to draw a map to our library a half mile away.  This included all the houses and streets along the route.

This activity was meant to reinforce about conic and flat maps.

A local nature preservation group gave a presentation at the library on raptor birds of our area.  We got to see a screech owl, barn owl, and Harris Hawk

Example of how bones are hollow.

The girls continued studying explorers.  This week they learned about Columbus and Diaz.

On Tuesday we went to the library for fall crafts.  The craft we were supposed to do, was changed.  So they painted pumpkins.

Then they were able to sit in on the Book club craft.

When we got home, I made a special lunch treat.  A friend shared an international care package from their family with us.  I had to find a translator app to figure out how to make this.  I didn't know whether to add milk or eggs.

It turned out and they really enjoyed it.

Tuesday afternoons means Lydia's riding lessons and Caty's Japanese class.  I drop off one and wait for the other, and then come back to pick up Lydia.  I get at least an hour of work in the van while waiting for Caty.

Then we rush to bowling

On Tuesday though I could tell that Caty's allergies were making their way into her chest.  So we ran Caty in to the after hours clinic.  Lydia had a UTI, so that meant a double visit. 

While picking up Lydia's meds, we found some more pumpkin spice yumminess for Caty and Lydia.

On Wednesday, we had co-op, but Caty didn't go.  Her wheezing and coughing was out of control.  I got her an appt with her pulmonologist the next day.   She also had to miss the last soccer practice of the season.  But there was no running allowed right now.

I was getting ready for our field trip on Thursday and heard a noise.  Turns out they finally were getting to our trees to trim them for the electric company.  They blocked me in.  I had to have them move the trucks so that we could get to the field trip.  I found a bison farm that gives tours.

Since we were learning about Colorado, and there are several bison farms there that raise for food.  I wanted to take the girls to tour one locally.  We found one that opened in the spring.  It was GREAT!!  We learned a lot.

They took us through the transport/herding area.

Showed us the vet area where they give shots/vaccines.

And then we saw them run into eat.  That was absolutely amazing!!

We bought some bison burgers and bratwurst.  The girls were not fans, but Joe really liked them.

Caty though ended up at her pulmonologist office on Thursday.  I could tell her allergies were hurting her lungs bad.  Her asthma was not controlled at all.  He upped her daily steroid puffer for  a week and added a nebulizer to her meds.  She was not happy, but she also was struggling taking breaths.  So she knew it had to be done.

The bison burgers that Joe grilled for us.

This week, on top of everything else, the girls had to finish their project boards for the animal fair upcoming on Monday.  Caty got hers done quickly, it was Lydia who was more of a pain about this.

On Friday after I was done teaching, we headed to an area park for a hike with a homeschool class.  We learned about the flowers that were starting to turn to seed.


We saw a swarm of Dragonflies...this was very cool!!

Then we came home and made Colorado pizza with friends.

Everyone seemed to like the crust!

I started bringing my ferns inside.  It's going to start with frost soon.  I don't want to forget anything outside this year.  I still have to bring in my orange tree and palm fern tree.

On Saturday night, we had another camp fire with my parents.  I finally put out our Edison lights I bought at Costco.  They really lit up the back yard.  It was nice to relax a bit after the busy week we had.