Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Techie Homeschool Mom - Famous Artists Online Unit Study Volume 2 Review

We recently got the opportunity to review a new concept in studying art from the Techie Homeschool Mom.  Lydia was able to build an art gallery using the Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 study.  She is loving her creations.

The Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 includes artists from more modern, twentieth century art.  Students will be studying Contemporary, Folk, Pop, Abstract, Illustration, and even Optical Artists and the works they created.   Artists that are studied include Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 includes artists such as Grant Wood, Grandma Moses, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley and many more.

Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 was created for students of all age levels and learning styles, the Techie Homeschool Mom did a wonderful job creating a safe classroom area for students to learn.  And also to increase their knowledge of technology!  I would suggest that this program could easily be used middle elementary on.  If you child loves technology, they are good to go.

All books/videos that are needed to complete the course are linked within the classroom which creates a very user friendly format.  The only thing we needed extra were a few art supplies, which we keep well stocked on anyway.  But I found that there were no hard to find items on the supply list.

When you first sign into your Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 account, all the instructions are included to get your Emaze account set up, and she even includes a template to help students get started.  They could easily create their own portfolio though also, and really let their creativity flow.

There is roughly 11-12 weeks worth of material broken down into artist/theme module.  Each module takes roughly 2-3 hours of total time, depending on how in-depth that you want your student to become.  Included in the lesson are reading materials, links for outside research and embedded videos to watch about their art style and even life story.  There are also writing prompts that you can assign your student to answer.  These include research reports (made for older students) and simple comprehension and critical thinking skills questions.  These questions can be completed in whatever sharing software you use, this includes Grammarly and Google Docs.  The final project is a hands-on art project that the student can create using materials and style similar to the artists.

Lydia absolutely LOVES the Emaze portion of each module.  Here are some photos of her art gallery:

Lydia was inspired when she learned about Bridget Riley.  So she took a class in Optical Art.  She hasn't stopped drawing since that lesson.  She has a notebook that she carries everywhere, and just keeps doodling.

Techie Homeschool Mom has created a great and new platform for families.  I have never heard of Emaze before, and we have really enjoyed the new technology that Lydia is getting to use.  The modules really are multi-level and easily adaptable to kids of all learning styles and abilities.  Lydia gets very frustrated with research papers, so I was easily able to leave that assignment off for her and it didn't affect her love of art.  Famous Artists Online Unit Study - Volume 2 is a highly adaptable program for families.

Each module is packed full of information, and is not just a repeat of facts about each artist.  The videos that she has included really make the student's think not only about that artist's life, but also the art style that they are studying.  This is definitely a very budget-friendly option for homeschool parents to use for their art program.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review various programs offered by Techie Homeschool Mom.  Click on the link below to see how they used this program in their homes, and how they feel about it.

Solar, Ancients and Famous People Unit Studies {Techie Homeschool Mom Reviews}
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Friday, April 19, 2019

Chemistry, Jordan, Track, Volleyball....and I really need a Vacation!

We started our week off returning from our concert weekend and getting the boys to their Basketball luncheon that one of their coaches held for them.  They had pizza and cake.  They really enjoyed it.

It was a nice day, so Joe and I took our training outside.  The sign I'm hoping was pure accident..lol

Our country this week was Jordan.  Some of the articles we read.



I did come up with an almond flour version of Manakish for our gluten free friends too.


I LOVE this series...Geography Now videos are great!

Science Experiments:

The kids are are doing an experiment in open/closed system with rotting fruit.  They have one closed and an open orange.  They will measure these weekly as they continue to decay.  See if there is a change in mass.

This was from last week.  I had the wrong batteries.  They are checking fluid that allows ions to flow freely to make a circuit.

We worked with lye, potassium Permanganate this week.  https://sciencing.com/potassium-permanganate-experiments-12393210.html

Ours did not work out as well.  Could be a difference in chemicals used.

This one didn't work out as well.  Seems I didn't have strong enough hydrogen peroxide.  I've had a hard time getting my hands on the 30% solution.  https://www.thesparkhub.com/experiment-potassium-permanganate/

Working on a quicker Open/Closed system.  They had to measure the materials and do a baking soda/peroxide solution in a baggie.  They had to close the bad quickly, because some of them lost materials since the system was not closed quick enough.

Tennis practice...the kids like this.

Caty made homemade lower sugar chocolate cupcakes.  She was supposed to practice frosting with her new decorating tools.  But her frosting came out wrong.  So she's going to try again next week.

Track and cycling started this week.  This will be my new view a couple times a week.

We had a visitor in the backyard.  The dogs didn't want to share.  This cutie moved on when he finished filling up.

After last weeks concert, I used Journey's Greatest Hits to make it through one of my workouts this week....thanks Prime Music!

Learning to play volleyball.  She is enjoying this.

Our new chicks are getting bigger.

Lydia made a Mandarin Orange chicken salad for a 4H project.  Caty and Brayden didn't like the dressing, said it was sour.  But Joe and Lydia liked it.

It was very pretty.

Looking up words with her teacher during her Series of Unfortunate Events class.

In history we have continued with World War 2.  This week we talked about Pearl Harbor, and Navajo Code Talkers.  This week we watched the movie CodeTalkers and also Hacksaw Ridge.  We also read about and watched videos about the Tuskegee Airmen.  I'm hoping to wrap up World War 2 this next week with some extra reading.

The girls struggled with some contraction work with their Nose Tree Book grammar lesson.  So I printed some extra worksheets and they spent a day refreshing about contractions.

This week a local university held a tennis clinic for Special Olympics.  The kids had a blast!

We had a busy Saturday.  We took the kids to a many Comic-Com at a local mall.  They had fun seeing the characters and looking at all the stuff to buy.  The library did a great job putting this together and the kids can't wait for next year!

Then we were on to the area bowling tournament for our county.  The kids had fun yet again!!

This exhausted me and put my body over the edge for a sinus infection relapse due to my allergies.  I'm fighting allergies big time because of my auto-immune disorder.  It may be a long spring this year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  I have a question...are you schooling year round or do you take the summer off?  I'm considering just a light summer schedule of math and literature.

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