Sunday, September 30, 2018

Animal Sanctuary Trip, Mexico, Japanese Tea Party and More

We started our week out visiting an animal sanctuary about 3 hours away.  HOLY COW it was a drive, and we were a little disappointed.  We were purposely going just so that we could see a liger, which Lydia is learning about for our upcoming Animal Fair.  But the Ligers were not cooperative on that hot day.

She got glimpses if dad lifted her.

The liger is hanging out in the doorway.

We stopped on our way home at a "fast food" Japanese restaurant to get food to go with the girls History this week.  We were learning about Ancient China and Japan.  The kids ate with chopsticks, and a few tried new things like Japanese noodle soup and seaweed salad.

This was fun and the kids really liked it.

Poetry Art

Lydia really likes this Outschool program.  This project was about Joyce Kilmer.


This week we visited Mexico this week, working our way around North America.

We talked about each state in Mexico, animals of Mexico, and worked on our geography maps I printed from Enchanted Learning.

The puzzle put together with the help of our map.

The girls worked together to make lunch.

Homemade flour tortillas

They colored aluminum pans to create a little folk art from Mexico.

Food Project

Caty worked in her Pantry Panic book (4H cooking/budgeting project) this week.  We learned more about how and why people may need to get food from a food pantry.  There was an online game she played where she had to take a minimum wage job and try to pay all her bills and have food for the entire month.  She played the game 4 times before she was so frustrated she had to stop.  She could not make it all the way to the end of the month.  So we talked about how this is a reality for almost 75% of Americans.  The game is on the Play Spent website and it was eye opening!  She also looked up the information on the food pantries for our area.  We spoke about some of them, and then we are formulating a plan to pick one and volunteer once a month in some way.

Caty is taking an online basic cooking skills class on Outschool.  It's a bit below her level.  But great repetition for her.  This week she did two labs, crockpot lasagna and made unicorn fudge.

She had never made cooked fudge before, but loves it.

She also worked on her gummy bear recipe.  These were a hit at science club.  And there were none left.


This week we covered Ancient China and Japan.  We are on Chapters 8 & 9 of Story of the World Volume 2.  We ate at a Japanese fast food restaurant on Sunday as a family.  And for lunch on Monday they had Chinese fried noodles and a Chinese fried pancake.  After watching a few videos, we discovered China may have been one of the very first to have ice cream.  So we did some research and discovered that it was a mixture of milk and rice that was frozen in snow.  So we attempted it, using our electric ice cream maker.  Caty didn't like the texture, but Lydia said it was pretty good.

They had Fried Noodles and bread for lunch one day.

Some of our books..  I actually forgot to log all the books we read and watched videos on Youtube of about these two areas.

On Friday they had a small tea ceremony with grandma.

The girls started their project box for the upcoming Animal Fair.

 This week was National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  So for dessert I made them treasure chests to eat while watching Pirate movies.  They actually watched a ton of themed movies this week, including Mulan and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It was National Cheeseburger Day this had those for dinner that day...

And on National Pepperoni Pizza Day...yep they had that for lunch.

We celebrated the first day of fall with pumpkin bread for breakfast and a trip to a corn maze!!  The big present for all the kids this year to celebrate fall is going to a tree canopy walk in upper Michigan.

Sports this week included....



It was the last bocce ball of the season.

Walked down to the library one afternoon.  The girls did a puzzle while we were there.

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