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YWAM Publishing - Heroes of History - Benjamin Rush Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We recently had the opportunity to review the book and study guide for the Benjamin Rush - The Common Good - Heroes of History book from YWAM Publishing.  We also received the PDF Study Guide that went along with this title.  My history fan devoured this book!

I am a huge history fan, and I gradually have turned Caty into a history fan also.  We were very excited to get the opportunity to review the Benjamin Rush book in the Heroes of History series.  This series has been a fun way to learn more about history in the United States and around the world.  

The Heroes of History series from YWAM Publishing is a biography series written for upper elementary through high school students to that bring to life 29 different individuals from history.  These include historical figures like George Washington, Elizabeth Fry, Clara Barton, Milton Hershey, Orville Wright, John Smith, John Adams and so many more!

The series is written in a way that is not just reading facts about the historical figures life, but the child feels like they are reading an actual story.  

From the publisher, we received a paperback copy of the title - Benjamin Rush - The Common Good .  The chapter book is well printed, and sturdy.  Caty is not always the most gentle with her books.  She carries around her current books interests in a bag that gets dragged all over.  She falls asleep with the books while reading them also.  So for this book to still look as though we may have just received it, is saying a lot. 

We also received the PDF Study Guide - Benjamin Rush - The Common Good.  This easy to download file is packed full of extra information and activities to really bring the historical figure you are learning about to life.  Activities include chapter review reading comprehension questions, creative writing prompts, essay writing ideas for older students, ideas on how to bring the historical figure more to life in your classroom area, field trip ideas, vocabulary, art projects, and even printable maps. 

All of this material is easily presented in a way that you can use it with multiple learning styles.  One way we made an adjustment was for Caty and I to review her comprehension questions orally, instead of writing her answers.  She struggles big time with writing, so I knew that even though she knew the answers, she would not be able to put her thoughts on paper and would be frustrated.  We changed these to an oral review.  I would assign her chapters to read (which she didn't follow since she couldn't stop reading and then I would review the comprehension questions from the study guide with her.  We worked on the printable maps together and she has been reviewing important events of the American Revolution.

We have had the opportunity to review other books from the Heroes of History series in the past, and I have always found them to be well-written and fun to read.  Several of them are available on audiobook also, so that makes it easier for students who struggle with reading disabilities and comprehension problems.   

The Heroes of History series really are great for students that have high comprehension levels (through both reading or listening), because they are packed full of life  experiences that are beyond just basic facts.

The Study Guides that you can purchase to go along with the stories are excellent for all ages and all learning styles.  They are packed full of ideas and activities that really help your student to experience history and bring it to life for them.  I love the fact that I can print the materials that I choose to print, thus saving paper.  I leave the PDF opened on my laptop and we just read it off the screen as we were working.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review various titles from YWAM Publishing Heroes of History and the Christian Heroes series.  Click on the link below to read how they used this series in their homes and what they thought of it.

  YWAM Publishing


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