Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Luminous Nights.... Family Night

Our zoo is running a special light display during the month of October.  It's a set of 500 paper lanterns that light up the night.  It's a little pricey, but we budgeted it out and decided to meet up with some friends for a fun evening. 

We got to the Zoo right when they reopened and it was not quite dark yet.  The lanterns were pretty in the daylight too.

Joey was in a bad mood...we were trying to make him laugh.

As we walked throughout the zoo, it got darker and we could see the lights starting to take shape.

150 year old tortoise

This fish is hilarious!  It swims to the glass and will follow your hand.  It'll even try to attack it and press its face against the glass trying to bite it.

The lights were amazing to see!

Hiding in the polar bear cave. (That's Brayden and Caty....he hasn't done this in years.  I was shocked he did it!)

It was a fun family evening.  This display has been at a few zoos around North America.  Definitely worth at least one visit to see!