Our Journey

I am a wife to Joe, we've been married 18 years.  We have 4 energetic, wonderful kiddos.  Joey is almost 16, Brayden is 14, Lydia is 11, and Caty is 9. 

I love to read, do art projects with the kids, and cook (not clean-up...just cook).  I have felt a bit in a rut lately, and have decided to try some new things.  I started a blog to help track our daily activities (because some days my memory is not the best).  I am actually trying my hand at painting.  This is a new one for me....didn't really see myself as an artist.  I have also began a walking exercise program.  The doctor recommended it for me and since we live in the middle of a corn field (or so it seems) it is not always convenient to drive to a gym.  Plus this gets me outdoors!!!  Not sure what I will try next, I think walking and painting will keep me busy for a while!


We have chosen to homeschool our children.  In the beginning it was out of necessity for Joey. But we decided that it is now the best option for our family. 

Joey is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) along with several other diagnosis including visual perception delay, OCD, and severe ADHD.  Joey is a huge roller coaster of emotion and can be a challenge at times.  But we love Joey for each different daily personality that he shows.  The school district we are in convinced me to do what was best for him and their choices were not working.  At one point they openly admitted they did not know what to do.  After they caused him to have a meltdown and then called the city police on him during his meltdown (and trust me I didn't punch the person responsible..tried to be very Christian about the situation), we decided that sending him back to that district was NOT THE BEST CHOICE for him.  So we pulled him and began homeschooling.

Then last year our Brayden (who is diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and OCD) began regressing in behaviors.  I had left him in public school because they had convinced me that it was his best option for socialization and education.  HA!!!  With a full-time aide dedicated to his care, he was found wandering the halls of an unlocked school several times!!!!  When I brought it to the Principal's attention, she blew me off and actually was sarcastic to me.  The final straw was when his very nice speech therapist called me concerned with his regression.  Which I was seeing also.  She finally said she didn't know what to do.  So we sought outside speech therapy, which then began pulling him from school a day a week.  That brought on the attendance officer then (even though he was on IEP.)  Poor Brayden then began having manic episodes at the school and NO ONE TOLD ME ANYTHING!!!  We let him finish the year under very watchful eyes and then sent our notice.

Lydia we allowed to start since she has no special needs diagnosis.  I picked out her teacher even.  But Joe's job began to change and she missed two weeks right after school started so we could go with him to Tennessee.  Well she was well educated while there.  I packed more curriculum than clothing!  We had school daily.  But when we returned I got two very rude letters from the attendance officer basically telling me I did not know what was best for my children and brought the boys into the letter.  The facts she tried to use were incorrect and I was FURIOUS!!!  So I solved that issue by pulling Lydia also. 

Caty is attended a special needs preschool down the road from our house. She began at age 2 for a speech delay.  She continued with them until they closed.  She struggles and also has a diagnosis on the spectrum.  I only allow it because she is receiving therapy throughout the day.  But she WILL NOT be attending public school when she starts kindergarten.

Everyday is a new challenge and we face different issues.  What works for one child does not work for all of them.  We get on each others nerves and the kids fight, but we also have fun.  So follow our blog and see what each day brings!!