Thursday, April 18, 2019

CrossWired Science Review - Sound, and Fluid Dynamics

We recently had the opportunity to review a new online science program, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from Crosswired.  This great approach incorporates online work with literature to help multi-sensory students learn better.

Designed for students 4 - 18, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics allows students to study scientific topics in a way that not only introduces them to what is being explored, but continues to help the student to grow in understanding as they explore the topic each time.  

If a child uses Crosswired elementary through high school level, they will study core scientific topics a minimum of three times, with each learning experience deepening their level of understanding for the topic.  Using this learning method, complex topics can be absorbed much easier at even a younger age.

Crosswired is an online program that you create a login for.  Setting up the account was extremely easy and user friendly.  Once logged in, I was able to easily see our lessons.  

Crosswired is still releasing levels and science topics.  Currently we have access to 'First Timers' level and 'Second Timers' level.  The Core Topics are Fluid Dynamics and Sound.  Under each of these topics includes lessons on flight, sound, bones, bats, elephants, ocean animals, sonar, engines, and even big cats.

Each topic is broken down under the Core topic.  The extremely easy to use format is literally point and click for students.  

The main lesson is a fun and engaging video lesson.  Not just a boring documentary, that a child would lose interest in quickly.   As your child grows though, the same topic will be explored at an older level with more content included.  Comprehension worksheets can be printed to use with some videos, or your student can answer questions also online.  They are listed right underneath the embedded video.  The "quiz" is graded for you, if you chose to answer the questions online.  All the number and information saved under and account for your child.

Suggestions are given to help you to plan out how to cover each topic in your lesson plans. 

If you are not quite sure how to expand on each study topic, under the main general topic, CrossWired science has plenty of tips on how to plan your lesson calendar and gives possible suggestions on field trips even. 

There are created reading lists put together for you, or you can create your own.  CrossWired recommends that you spend at least one day a week doing chapter book/book reading to enhance your studies and science knowledge.  The list is extensive and includes easy readers through chapter books and even some textbook suggestions to look at.  I really like that they even give you a format to create your own list.  As part of the online component, as your child reads the assigned books, they can record the information in an online form that saves their summary under their account.

Extra images and information is at a click of a button also.  The illustrations and labels graphs are an excellent resources as you study bones in First Timers and Second Timers.

CrossWired can be used as a Christian based science program also.  Included also are devotionals.  This information is not embedded into each video, but separate under a devotional link.  It is divided by age also.  These Gold Digs or Digger Deeper topic levels are meant to show kids (or remind them) about all the beauty that God has given us.

CrossWired really is a full science curriculum that has several different components that make it perfect for multi-sensory teaching.  You have entertaining videos that keep a student's attention, and seem to be the perfect length almost every time.  Hands-on experiments are suggested that include anything from building paper airplanes and suggestions/experiment sheets even for dissection suggestions.  Literature suggestions will help to incorporate a new level to science studies.  But you can also use CrossWired as a supplement a program that you are already using.  

All of this information at a very budget friendly price for families.  Your entire family can learn science for one low fee.  You can check out a sample of what CrossWired has to offer your families by visiting the Sample Unit section.

I really like all that CrossWired has to offer families.  We have been watching videos and verbally answering questions for a few weeks now.  So far we have been using CrossWired as a supplement to our current science studies, since the girls are in a science co-op.  We love watching the videos.  The videos are entertaining, and educational.  The girls enjoy not just being talked at by the person doing the video, but seeing the examples that they show.  We are working in both the First Timers and Second Timers sections, and finding that the videos are really the perfect length for kids with short attention spans.  We compared videos from both sections and saw the additional information that would deepen understanding of the student as they cover a topic again.

We plan to continue using CrossWired throughout the summer as we continue our supplemental learning.  CrossWired really has created a science curriculum that can arm parents to allow their student to lead the way in their understanding and deepen their love of science.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review various levels of CrossWired, Sound and Fluid Dynamics.  Click on the link below to see how they used this product in their homes and what they thought of it.

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

April Fools, Anniversary Week, Lye, Art Classes, Journey...Exhaustion

What a week.  I'm exhausted and even more exhausted remembering everything that we have been doing.

Our chickens are laying again, and one of the ladies left this for Lydia in the boxes....The egg looked like a fingerling

On Sunday Lydia and her friend went to an ice skating party.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  No way I was getting on

Monday brought on Joey's favorite holiday...April Fools Day.  Here were some surprises....

A roach in his lunch.

"orange juice" - Jello cups

"cinnamon rolls" - bbq chicken roll-ups

Snake in the bathroom

Veggies in a doughnut box for his
 Doughnuts for dinner "turkey meatloaf and mashed potato icing"

Snack was low-carb almond flour "hot dogs" with relish.

Our first science experiment was melting a soda can with lye.  It was pretty amazing!

We also popped helium balloons with matches.  Which was very cool and tried to shrink them in cold.  But they did not shrink very well.

This week to go along with Sierra Leone, I made Baked chicken Jollof Rice.  Joe said it was yummy.

The girls had an art class on how to paint using hot glue.

We practiced full serves in tennis.

Enjoyed bowling...only 1 more week of the season.

Lydia and I had her first orientation meeting.  She starts ZooTeens soon.

Joe and I are going to try a 5K together in May.  So we are getting out more.

We have new baby chicks.

Lydia and Caty took an art class on Zentangles

It was our 21st anniversary this week.  We always include the kids in our celebration.  Well this year I didn't plan much on the actual date, because I was waiting for our huge family party in a couple weeks.  The kids were very disappointed, so I had to pull a party together in a couple hours.  This was the result....

She discovered her cup lights

Mini-pie pans for Caty

That afternoon, Lydia tried volleyball, and she liked it!  Guess we have a new sport this season.

In History we continued watching videos about World War 2 and have been reading from War, Peace and All That Jazz.    *** Watch for our upcoming review studying world history using Pathway to Liberty.***
We also been using the World War II study from Classroom Complete Press.  I found this resource on

We also watched a special on Pearl Harbor and the movie Mrs. Miniver.

The girls are chugging along on their instrument studies.  Caty has been taking drums this semester and Lydia has been continuing piano.  She's working on two handed play for Fur Elise.

Lydia started a class in studying the Series of Unfortunate Events through the elements of Literature.  This is her presenting one of her projects....drawing the characters.

We hosted a bball game/practice with friends from our Kingdom Hall on Friday night.  This is always a lot of fun.

Lydia is struggling balancing on her board, but hasn't given up totally yet.

Some friends invited Joe and I to go with them to see a Journey tribute band.  The location was near Joe's sister.  She was able to keep the kids.  So we got a night away.  This was the first time in many years we have been away together....and I mean many years.

We walked around the little town and did some shopping and then got ready for dinner with our friends and the show.

We were not sure what to expect, but the show was so good!!  We really loved it.

After this week of constant, and I mean it felt like constant activity...we were exhausted.  But life never stops.  So we just keep rolling.

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