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Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith (Book 1) - Captain Sun Adventure Series Review

The Captain Sun Adventures

We were very excited to get the opportunity to review Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith in the Captain Sun Adventure Series.

I have three children that are HUGE graphic novel fans.  When they first started a few years ago, I was not worried.  At first I honestly thought, "Hey comic books, at least they are reading!"  But then I noticed the next week at the library that the graphic novels are held in a different section of the library, the teen section.  This concerned me, so I looked at what they got and then walked over to the teen section and checked out some of the options for "teens".  I was shocked at what was there.  The violence and relationships was appalling.  The trouble, the kids didn't even realize it either.  The week before they had checked out their favorite video game characters, so hadn't really searched out the shelves.  They asked why I was so upset and said that the majority of the "comics" or "graphic novels" as I was told they are called, were not appropriate for them.  So from that point I had to have the rule that we had to look through the graphic novels they wanted to check out to make sure there was not inappropriate material.  

So you can see why I was very excited when we were able to review Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith from the Captain Sun Adventures.  This series uses super heroes to introduce and reinforce Biblical messages.  The series is referred to as part comic book, part devotional book.  The Captain Sun Adventures contain a superhero, similar to regular comic books.  And the theme about clean living and helping students to understand the Bible makes them priceless.

So how did our kids feel about Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith?  They absolutely loved it!  In fact, I have been asked to purchase the rest of the series.  Even though they are old enough to realize they are learning while they are reading, Joey and Caty really loved reading Captain Sun's adventures.  

At the end of each chapter, there is a "lesson" page with information for your student to read through or even for you to sit down and discuss with them.  Scriptural references are also included on these pages, and are quoted but are easily able to be looked up in your own copy of the Bible.  The very end of the novel contains a few questions to discuss with your child about the topics in the story.

Something I noted as I was looking through our copy of Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith when it first arrived, was the design.  It was done in everyday comic book style.  The illustrations though were not overly scary.  The superhero was a pretty typical design.  Some of the graphic novels you find today are just over the top for scare and the illustrations are just plain disgusting.  They are meant to scare the kids.  But I appreciated that the author/illustrator did an excellent job creating a balance between age appropriate design and creating exciting illustrations to grasp and keep the kid's attention as they read.

I have ordered a full set of the Captain Sun Adventures.  Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith went to so many places that somehow we forgot it on one of our adventures.  So hopefully another kiddo is thoroughly enjoying this series, as much as Caty and Joey have been.  Joey has the series on his Kindle.  But Caty still prefers the paper style, so she is very excited to get her paper copies this week.  I have even recommended this series to our local library to get in.  I found this was a great series to drop into her backpack for when we were traveling.  Caty loves to read in the van, and it honestly did not take her long to read the comic book.  Now that being said, she read it but we still discussed it.  I really LOVED the story questions that are included and discussion material at the end of each chapter.  I didn't need to look up a bunch of material, it's all there for me.  So even sitting in a doctor office, we could read a chapter and discuss the material.  Portable education at its best!!  

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Book 1 - Rescue Me! - What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith.  Click on the link below to read about their impressions of the Captain Sun Adventure Series.

Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith {The Captain Sun Adventures Reviews}

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Menu Monday 9/17 - 9/23/2018

We had a few menu changes last week, so I shifted the menu around.  Caty has a couple cooking labs she needs to do for class.  

I do keep our menu posted on the fridge and I check it each morning to keep track of what I need to start.  I also make a note on my weekly to-do list if I need to make something ahead of time.  I'm hoping maybe we can get a bigger freezer one of these days.  Then I can freeze some meals ahead of time!!

This week we are traveling to Mexico in Geography.  For History we will be visiting Ancient China and Japan.  So our Geography lunch is on Tuesday and Friday.  And our history meal is on Tuesday this week, due to scheduling issues.

What's on your menu this week??  Favorite recipes??

Friday, September 14, 2018

Monk Life, Microscopes, US Regions, and Co-op Begins

Lots of changes for us this week.   This week was our first week of Science Club.  We took the summer off.  So I was prepping for that....AND...Minecraft classes for both the co-op and our online learning center, Homeschool With Minecraft.  With gymnastics added back in and getting used to Joey's "full-time" schedule, it's been a true balancing act.  I'm literally working at all hours and cramming in work whenever I can.  I'm hoping to be caught up soon, but we all know that will never happen. 

In our School this week....


History took a turn...We decided to start back with Story of the World.  I didn't like the direction the other program was using.  I decided to start them with Volume 2.  This meant we are going to do review the next couple weeks.  But that's ok.  This week we learned about Monks, Christianity being introduced in Britain and Illuminated Manuscript.

Working together they made a Monk's lunch of split pea soup and bread.  We added turkey ham, because we could.  Caty reminded me though that "Ham" is from a 4-legged animal which the Monks would not have eaten.  I said, well it's a good thing we have turkey ham and not pork.  Turkey's walk on two legs!  They ate lunch with pear slices, since monks ate apples with lunch usually.  This is going to be a Thursday tradition for the girls almost every week.  Both the boys are at work on Thursdays.  So they can make themselves a unique lunch.

Making biscuits to go with their lunch. 


In Science Club we continued work with microscopes.  We attempted to build one with small magnifying glasses.  It was an experiment in our book.  But it didn't work out very well.  Plus everyone was having a blast using the new one.

We learned about convex and concave lens used in microscopes.

We got way off the plan, because the kids were having a blast looking at just about everything they could with the microscope....including fresh chicken poop.  They looked at eyelashes, hair, and learned how to use the microscope and prepare slides.  So even though we didn't finish big deal.  They had a blast!!


Our country this week for Geography was the United States.  We learned about the five regions and made a poster to represent each section.  We had cheeseburgers and fries and chocolate chip cookies to go with our studies.


Working on her unfinished book work at gymnastics.

This was our last week of softball.  It's a short, but busy season.  I got the nicest card from Lydia's softball team!  They are such great kids (and adults), so I'll say athletes.  I love that I get to volunteer and work with them throughout various sports year around!

I'm sad to see softball over, but ready for tennis and swimming...and bowling to start up.

Joe got to keep the score at the game.  He had fun with that one!

Warming up at the batting cages.

Minecraft Classes

My newest endeavor...not only teaching classes online, but at a local co-op.  I'm teaching two classes using Minecraft.  It was a rough technology week...but I think we'll make it!  The girls are each taking a class.  Caty is taking a beginning sewing class and Lydia is taking piano.

The girls have a little time to kill before their first classes, so they sit in the corner of my classroom and work on their bookwork at a table.

I'm teaching two classes this semester, since NO ONE signed up for any of the 9 am classes!!  Homeschoolers do not like early wake up  I'm teaching Explorers (World Geography) and Ancient Minecraft (Heroes of History).

Joey is helping me assist all the kids building.

This guy was hanging out the front of our house all week.


So for health this year.  I have 3 different curriculums going.  Caty's is actually being made up as we go along.  We will be using the American Girl girls health book and we also started in Vintage Remedies with her.  I've used it before with the boys, but she was so tiny when we did it, I decided to use it one more time with her.  It's a lot on healthy eating, but whole food healthy eating!!  I'm not even sure if you can buy this book anymore, I have had it 8 years now.  These books below were her reading this week.

Lydia is using Total Health Middle school level.  This is going to be a challenge program for her.  With all the attention issues she has been facing, she is being forced to keep herself organized.  I had to make adjustments for her this week, and will experiment more next week.

Brayden is using the new Apologia Exploring Health and Nutrition program.


Nothing exciting in Math class.  The girls are still working their way through their review levels of Teaching Textbooks.  

Online Classes

So I've been using more often this year.  I discovered a series of classes that incorporate Art and Poetry.  Caty wasn't interested, but it's something Lydia would love.  She took her first class a couple weeks ago, and I just keep signing her up as new ones are posted.  This week her class was on Edgar Allen Poe - The Raven.  I found these really cool watercolor paint pens, and she is loving them.

This is her finished project.  They concentrated on the head of the raven.

Project Learning

Caty is working on a Create Your Own Taco Truck project.  Another Homeschool Mom introduced me to this project.  So this week, I took Caty to a location in our town that WAS a taco truck.  They have been working at this location for several months out of a trailer.  They finally were able to prep the building enough and get approval to move in.  So She was able to see their set up.  Next week she'll be working on her menu and recipes.

Of course we took take-out home.  They all said it was really good.

Brayden is taking a Video Game development project and Lydia is doing one on how to start an animal shelter.  Nothing big going with either of those this week.  More info on their projects next week!

It's an annual tradition for my brother and his family to hold a formal dance for the members of our Kingdom Hall.  It was this weekend.  We had so much fun, just like we did last year!

The boys didn't go this year.  They DO NOT like dances in any form.  We decided that they could skip this year.  They had fun gaming all evening, and we were able to enjoy ourselves also at the dance.  So everyone was happy!

Well that is our week in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for more fun and adventures next week!

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