Saturday, February 16, 2019

Great Britain, Finger Knitting, Asia and Baseball Science

Lydia wanted some extra cursive practice. I found this joke book online for her to use.  With her hand tremors, writing can be difficult at times.

Our Geography country this week was ... England.  But we spent time learning the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England.  I agree with the girls...just confusing. 

The girls made their own geography lunch.  I helped with the frying though....they made fish and chips.  They used this recipe for no beer batter fish.  Joe said it was great!

Caty started the Asia unit from Homeschool Complete.  Our first day we spent time learning where the continents are.  She copied the names of the continents on cards and then she had to arrange them on the table about where they would be.

She did some money math also.

Chinese paper art.

Caty's reading from this week..

She decided to try the eggs from this cookbook.  She did NOT like the sweet in the eggs.  She said sugar didn't belong in her

And this was a week of Finger-knitting.  Joey knitted Caty a scarf.  Lydia and Caty started scarves that will be gifts.

During our family Bible study this week we learned about showing appreciation.  They wrote out Thank you cards to the elders in our congregation.  They were proud of all their hard work. 

Caty wearing Joey's finished scarf for her.

Lydia studied the Baseball unit from Homeschool Complete.  She loves playing softball in the summer.  This was a great way for her to study the history of baseball.  She also learned about several different baseball greats.

Some of her reading.  We watched several videos on baseball science.

For art this week, they started using an acryllic book from Artistic Pursuits.  This week they were supposed to do a still life from the kitchen.  Caty wanted to do a Pringles can.

Lydia a pile of candy.  Lydia is still working on hers.

We spent that afternoon watching all the Paddington the Bear movies to go with our study of England.  Everything had been cancelled due to an ice/snow threat.  So we just stayed inside.

But our co-op was not cancelled.  Trouble was...I teach an internet based class.  The internet was totally out.  I had to get a plan B in place quickly.  So Lydia helped me cut out a couple of games for me to play in my classes before she headed to her classes.

That same night I had 4H Volunteer training.  Every year volunteers need to be updated on new policies.  Our Club's leaders meet and plan out our calendar for the year.....4H Season has now begun!

Half our games were cancelled this week.  But we got to play two of them.  We lost one and won one.

At our 4H meeting, we not only went through information about projects for our county, but did some super fun activities.  We challenged two teams to build the tallest balloon towers.  Great STEM project.   They also had a "Snowball" fight.  They had to write down 3 facts about themselves.  Then crumple the paper and they threw them at each other.  They read the facts and had to figure out who wrote the facts.  They had a blast with that!

The boys waiting for their game to start on Saturday.

We didn't have Science Club this week due to some of the kids being sick.  So we worked a little in our science book.  Finishing up the periodic table next week.  Caty is reading like crazy about Harriett Tubman for her Living Museum project.  Lydia is working on her P.T. Barnum book. 

Life isn't settling down.  Next week is the first playoff game for the Mens basketball team.  So I'm super nervous for them all.  These guys have worked hard all year!  Lots of dr appts, volunteer meetings and prep for the upcoming soup challenge.  This is our life right now.

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See you next week!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Heirloom Audio - For The Temple Audiobook Review

We recently had the opportunity to review For The Temple MP3 audio download and Study Guide from Heirloom Audio.  We were not disappointed!

We have had the privilege to review several G.A. Henty audiobooks from Heirloom Audio Productions.  They call them audio theater, the kids and I call them audio dramas.  They are not just books that are being read to us and you feel like you are being put to sleep.  Each story is acted out in a way that if you close your eyes, you can imagine you are in the middle of the action of every single story.  You can feel the army watching you, feel the waves splashing in your face and the mist as the story goes along.  

In the story, For The Temple by G.A. Henty, readers are taken to the final days of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.  John and his sister are shipwrecked.  Does he serve in the army or not?  There are bands of robbers and dramatic political fights.  With all this going on around him, John of Gamala does his best to save God's Temple.  He becomes an enemy of the Romans by causing as much trouble as he can.  And even though this is a battle he cannot win, he still keeps his faith and integrity in tact. ...  And people think there is no excitement in the Bible!! 

For The Temple audio theater is available in both 2 disk CD format or easy to download files.  We received the downloadable files.  I was easily able to download the files to my desktop and drop them into my iTunes files.  I was able to listen to the files from both my laptop and also from my phone when we were out and about.  The audio theater is roughly 2.5 hours long.

We also received a PDF downloadable study guide to use along with our listening.  Each chapter of the story matches up with several study questions, vocabulary and historical facts.  As you can see, it was quite easy to match up chapters of the audio story with the study guide.

What I really liked about using the Study was not only were there general listen and respond with events questions, but they also included some great Thinking questions.  These Thinking Further questions could really draw out everyone in the family.  Some refer to the historical time period and why you think an event happened or was orchestrated, while others take you straight to your Bible to match up what was occurring at that time and also prophecies that had helped foretell events that were being experiences.

I would definitely gauge the Thinking Further questions for more advanced students in most cases.  Those really confused the girls a bit.  But they did open up discussion with them about really thinking and concentrating on what God wants to us do and why he may have done or allowed certain events to happen.  The Listening Well questions were pretty straight forward and just helped reinforce what they had just heard.  I did all of those questions orally.  But you could easily print the Study Guide and have students work through each chapter independently and write the answers in full sentences for extra work with language arts skills. 

Brief extra historical events and people of history are also highlighted in the Study Guide.  Again, something that can easily be adjusted to your child's skill/age level.  We did look up extra videos on several of these as we went through the study guide.  If you are wanting your student to work on a research report, you could easily assign out a short research report on these various topics.

We are not quite up to this time period in our family Bible reading.  But we have been covering and talking a lot about the Roman Empire and how the rules and laws affected the early Christians.  Listening to the political uprisings in For The Temple really helped to give the kids more of a mental picture of the battle side of what happened in this time period.

The faith strengthening message went a long way with them.  Even in the face of political turmoil and religious adversity, John remained strong.  So many Christians are facing various persecutions in the time period that we are living in.  There is so much political turmoil that we read about daily.  Christians and other religions are attacked for believing in a higher power or God.  By studying this time period, and with the help of For The Temple, we could discuss how God stays with his people and if we are faithful then no matter what Satan tries to do to us, he will be unsuccessful.  

Heirloom Audio Productions knocked it out of the park yet again.  We absolutely love all of the audio theater presentations that we have had the opportunity to listen to and study.  If you are looking for a powerful historic boost to your homeschooling day, I really encourage you to check in Heirloom Audio ProductionsFor The Temple.  You will not be disappointed.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review For The Temple from Heirloom Audio Productions.  Click on the link below to read what they thought of this new product and how they used it in their home.

For The Temple {Heirloom Audio Reviews}
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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Scotland, Family Dance, Anne Frank and Cookie experiment

I will admit I did not do a great job with photos this week.  It was a full week of sports games and basketball cheerleading.  Our co-op was cancelled again due to an ice storm.  Hopefully next week we will get to go!!

After the Polar Vortex 2019 we got really nice and sunny weather.  It was warm enough to walk to our friends house.  So off Caty and I went on a walk.

Our countries this week was Scotland.  I made a Meat pastry, Bridie for lunch on Monday.  It was a hit.

Some books from this week.

We watched videos about the Loch Ness monster, the geography of Scotland and landmarks.  We also watched Brave, Braveheart and Waterhorse.  We had a little bit of time off this week since co-op was cancelled.  I used some movies as fillers.

The girls worked on writing full sentences.  Caty even agreed to try to learn cursive writing.  We'll wait and see.  Hopefully she'll be able to at least sign her name. 

In History we studied about Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.  Lots of videos and audiobooks this week.

In Science we continued to learn about matter and experiments.  I had the kids made almond flour shortbread cookies.  But one batch following recipe and one batch adding gelatin as a softener.  They reviewed how to read the periodic table of elements also.

The results were mixed.  It was an even mix of who liked which batch of cookies.

This was a project that Joey brought home from Dayhab this week.

The girls finally had a basketball game.  But they also cheered for the men's game right after theirs.  It was a busy night.  The boys had an away game that Joe took them too.

While the boys practiced, Joe and I used the gym.  Caty

Before one of the boy's games this week, Joe and Lydia practiced for a bit.

Lydia started back archery last week.  She loves this.  She had a very good week this week.

Then we rushed home so that they could go with Daddy to the Me and My Guy Under the Sea Dance.

Our Saturday plans were cancelled, so we decided to go to an area library and see a traveling Anne Frank exhibit.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  But this library was beautiful, and it was a nice day out.  We enjoyed it.  A good friend came with us also.  It really was a great day to get out.

I worked hard over the weekend to catch back up.  I struggled this week staying on task.  My autoimmune has been acting up horribly.  And memory issues are a problem, as well as staying on task.  But we managed to get a few things done that have been on the list.  I want to get ahead since the boys have 4 basketball games next week!!!  The girls have 1 also, plus they cheer at the boys game.  The girls basketball season is winding down, and the boys are still going strong. 

Here's to next week!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!