Monday, December 31, 2012

The curves and hills of 2012


Our school year change over on June 1st really wasn't a big deal.  We didn't do anything huge.  In fact, we were still working through some curriculum.  We tried to do half days, or 3 days a week depending on our schedules.  ***My goal next year is to make June 1st something very cool.  I let my lack of energy take that day away...learned my lesson!!

I almost totalled our van early in June....stupid mistake.  But at least Caty and I were ok.  No injuries...but the van on the other hand was in sad...sad shape.

So that pretty much made our summer rough for transportation.  We couldn't afford to spend the extra money on a mini-van, and almost all the dealerships were out of mini-vans even if we had the money.  Our insurance paid for a car for 21 days....we got the van back in 26.  The dealership tried to get it done in time.  But since we bought the van from them, they were really nice and absorbed the cost.  So not only did they sell us the van and make massive profit, but they also made another $10,000 off our insurance less than a year later.  No wonder they were so nice!!  Hard to believe there was almost $10,000 in damage!  But doors were completely replaced and was a mess.

We met Jack and Annie from Magic Tree House books...
 Lydia got to pet a bat.
We celebrated the start of our family
 Went to an American Girl Tea party.
 Did more science experiments.

We played in the dirt.
 Had silly string fights.

 Had a campfire dinner with Grandpa and Grandma.
 And did silly things.
Worked hard on projects.
 Played Balloon Ping Pong
 Raised butterflies.
 And played until we were pooped!
 Toured a Minor League Baseball field
 Did science experiments...
 Played outside in our PJs.
 Traveled with Daddy...A LOT this year!
 Vegged and watched movies together.
 Went to the fair, the old-fashioned way (no rides).
We visited the Sesame Street Body exhibit.
Worked hard at Cloverbuds.
 Visited Betsy Ross' house!
 The tomb of Benjamin Franklin
 Had to say goodbye to our friend Rocky.
 Started gymnastics
 Took a carriage ride through downtown Philly.
 Learned about Wind Turbines
 Walked in the fair parade to support Special Olympics
 Visited the chocolate capital of the World....
 The Magic House in St. Louis
 Played pool noodle hockey.
 Saw the Liberty Bell!!!
 Visited Independence Hall.
 Cooked together
 Learned about different cultures.
 Visited a museum dedicated to our Police.
 Took some time to feed the pigeons...

 Learned how coins are made.
 Visited Washington DC
 Realized how large life can be (St. Louis Gateway Arch)
 Started a new art class
 Saw a whole collection of vintage cars.
 Made our own science experiments
 Learned about fish.
 Studied pioneer history
 Saw lots and lots of Art.
 And even made some too.
 Got silly at family carnivals.
 Played games.
Learned about Fire Safety.
 Treasured Goodwill finds...
 Learned more about pioneer times.
 Loved our pumpkins
 Learned plaster is not a great facial...but it makes great masks.
 Slowed down...sped up....spun around....and still walked a straight line.

 Learned about beer and horses...and no Toby Keith was not there.
 Took some time to hug a friend.
 Brave something we thought was gross.
 Enjoyed beautiful art!
 Learned safety.

Our 2012 was so packed full of first times and learning experiences that my head is spinning as I tried to put together this two part series.

Some things I am going to do in 2013...a friend did this and I am dying to do it too.  She posted a picture everyday of something memorable.  Then she has a full record of 2012 to look back neat is that!

We are going to continue learning through books and life...hope everyone had a wonderful 2012 and your 2013 brings you more life...learning and love!!!

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