Thursday, September 2, 2021

ACT Mom - ACT Mom Online Class Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We had the opportunity to review the ACT Mom Online Class from ACT Mom.  What a great option to prepare your students for taking those upcoming college tests.

Keith and Kati Johnson had spent five years prepping their son for his ACT tests, and he scored in the upper 98% of students that take this test.  So she decided to take these classes and tips to the public.  They were offering in-person classes, but then COVID brought the in-person classes to a halt.  The idea to offer the same classes came them.  This not only allowed students to continue their classes, but also gave them the opportunity to even offer to more students who could not attend live classes because of location.  

Why the ACT?  The ACT scores that students earn can open up thousands of dollars in scholarship and grant money at many different universities.  The higher the score, the more funds.  But higher score require a lot of prep and studying on the part of your student.  That is where the ACT MOM Online class comes in.  

The ACT Mom Online class includes courses in English, Reading, Science, and Math.  There is a binder with graphing paper and ACT practice tests that you will also receive.  There is also an answer key and scoring instructions included so that you as the parent can score their tests to see the progress your student is making.

Each subject's videos are presented in a lecture style.  Students are expected to watch the videos and take notes as they go.  There is a practice test at the end of each course.  Using the videos though, students who need to watch the information again, can easily do that.  There are also quizzes as they go through the course information.  The ability to rewatch videos, quizzes, and then of course the test at the end of each section really does allow the student and parent to see how much is being absorbed and where students will need some extra help.

ACT Mom does offer individual course study also, if you feel your student only needs help in specific areas of study.

The format of study includes the lecture style, with an emphasis on notes.  If you student is struggling in this area, it is a great way to reinforce the importance of note taking.  This style will only help your student as they advance into college.  

She has even provided some free resources for families to help them out.  The ACT Mom really does want to see students succeed.  This program that they have created has shown success.  Lydia is not quite ready for the ACT yet, but using this program will definitely prep both of us for the areas that she will need to work harder in before she makes her first attempts at the actual test.  This would be a great program for the visual based learner with learning disabilities.  Lots of extra practice and tips to succeed.  

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