Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can't believe my kids like.......

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I can't believe that my kids like.......

  • Ramen Noodles and they don't like seafood...what?!?!!?
  • Gummy fruit know the nasty molded plastic cartoon character ones....YUCK!!
  • Stupid Cartoon Network shows....seriously a show about imaginary friends....I think we are losing brain cells each time this show is on.
  • Swimming in ice cold water....our bodies are meant to be 98.6 degrees F.....and I believe that is what all water that touches my body should be also, warmer even would be nice!!!
  • Calling all the monsters....calling....calling....calling all the monsters (need more be said?!?

And here's the one's that I really can't believe......
  • I have a daughter that likes brussel sprouts.
  • I have a son that likes curly lasagna noodles, but doesn't like curly pasta.
  • I have a daughter that will not allow a pickle slice to touch her hamburger, but would eat a whole jar of pickle spears if we would let her.

My biggest can't believe it.......

I have not had a Pepsi in almost 3 months!!!!!!  And I have not had processed food in a year now!!!  Too bad I can't convince the rest of my family to work with me on that!


  1. LOL loved it!! Good work on the pepsi... Ive been off of it going on 2 years now and i honestly dont miss it. I did have a taste several months back and I thought omg how did I like that crap!! It was like syrup!!!

  2. Stopping by from BloggyMoms - Nice work on the no processed food!

  3. haha...I forgot about the "calling all the monsters!" Have to switch that one before she catches on!

    Good luck with getting your family off processed foods. I know my daughter's health is so much better when we get good food in her.

  4. Stopping by from BloggyMoms!
    I have one kid that doesn't like pizza and another that doesn't like macaroni and cheese...crazy!!!