Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seriously....people are paid to write this junk for our kids

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Why I don't like a certain cartoon character.

Anyone who knows me, knows I use the television for school.  We are fortunate to have the Netflix streaming capability over our TV, and I use it.

Our older kids loves Cartoon Network.  But WOW...have you seen some of those shows lately?  I have actually had to ban them from being allowed to be watched in our house.  I seriously think brain cells are being killed each moment these shows are on!

One of the ones that I really do not care for is The Adventures of Flapjack.  A show that talks about not caring about other people and encouraging kids to eat candy all the time.  WHAT!!!  Yeah, I know the whale is supposed to balance them out and teach them to make good decisions and not give into peer pressure.  But something about that show really grates on my nerves.

I am not saying that all kids programming must be educational, but the last couple months has opened up my eyes to what some of these new shows are really showing the kids.  What habits can be formed very quickly by children who have special needs, who are watching these shows.

I also am not a huge fan of Spongebob.  Some of the things that I have heard them drives me crazy.

Between some of these characters and the constant bombardment of commercials to have thousands of new toys, that are huge pieces of plastic junk....we have started really limiting commercial TV.

I think that is why I don't mind sucking up the extra cost when Netflix had to raise their rates.  For one commericals!!!!  So we can watch Dora, Backyardigans, and yes the occasional Spongebob without a constant, "Mom...can we get that!"

The kids are not allowed to watch commercial TV in the am right now.  I allow PBS Kids depending on our schedules that day.  They have fun characters that seem to have certain standards that don't encourage too many bad habits, and yet they still show that we are not perfect and can make bad decisions yet still make things right in the end.

What cartoon characters do you not like?

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  1. It is these reasons why my kids don't watch TV except the shows I preview before hand. Mostly on PBS, Discovery or the animal channel and I always record them so when we do watch them we can fast forward thru commercials:) The times my kids have seen commercials they get upset I can't fast forward past them:) Can't wait til I have access to Net flix, can't get it over here cause our band width is not great