Sunday, January 15, 2012

I convinced my children to...(I can make them do something??)

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I am trying to remember some things that I have convinced the kids to do......And still have yet to come up with very few things that they were willing to do.

One of my biggest accomplishments is to convince Joey to try veggies.  He has been convinced for years that eating a vegetable will kill him.  And we are not talking a normal child's fear of eating broccoli, Joey actually had himself convinced that he would be deathly ill.  He would actually start gagging as the veggies were being put on a spoon for him to try, and we are talking violent gagging.  But that's the Asperger's talking there.

Recently though we have been trying to tackle healthier eating, we are using a wonderful Health Curriculum...which I plan on using for a really long time, called Vintage Remedies.  We are in the very basic book right now and I advance the lesson for Joey and keep it simple for everyone else.  But Joey has been more willing to try new foods, and that includes veggies.

He tried chicken & dumplings with carrots and celery in them.  He asked me to leave them out the next time, but he still ate them.  He tried a Korean Veggie Pancake last week even.  He ate a portobello mushroom burger, it was rather gross that he put ketchup on it...but he ate it.  He tried hummus, and liked it!!!  

It's still a long road ahead of us, but slowly we are making bite at a time!


  1. Ah, the food battles. The good 'ole days!

  2. My post for today is 3 year old... after watching Mars Needs Moms, is convinced that broccoli is it was he really doesn't like veggies especially green ones, but now he won't even try them!

  3. great post! having an asperger's child i totally understand the whole gagging issue! i can't even have veggies in the kitchen when he's in there LOL... i'm going to go check the vintage remedies - thanks for sharing that! now following your blog.

    the antics of an autism mom

  4. great blog. now following and can not wait to read more..

    Simply Sami's Thoughts