Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bowling Day...

So I needed to get Brayden out doing something today, and since Lydia's gym class was cancelled I decided a round of bowling would be good. So we gathered our Free Bowling coupons and headed for the bowling alley, unaware that the thunderstorm was coming quicker than we heard on the weather channel. Yep, we got hit by a nasty high wind storm today. Of course a tornado warning was issued for our county and the kids could hear the TV in the bowling alley, so Joey was a little freaked out.

But we still had fun. Brayden was having fun, he was trying to beat me...which he normally does have a higher score than me. He didn't throw the ball...he rolled it. I wanted to do a little dance. Hoping he keeps this up.

Joey can bowl with both hands. He can also write with both hands too. He is predominately left-handed though. Today he kept switching hands, but at least he didn't just throw the ball down the lane...he actually rolled this time. We are working hard on our aim though

Lydia was a show-off. She did really well though learning how to roll the ball. But sometimes she still forgets and releases the ball too high.

I actually won today, but only because I picked up spares int he 10th frame.

Next week for gym we will be going swimming at a local hotel's swimming pool. Joey needs to practice his kicking for swimming. He needs to make some big "strides" in the next couple weeks if he would like to compete in December.
Tomorrow...we will be finishing our salt dough globes. We dried them in the oven most of the afternoon so they are ready to paint tomorrow. It was fun.

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