Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Expedition Earth...What is geography?

We have started our new social studies curriculum. I really like how it is all layed out, and minimal extra work for me besides teaching them. For Week One we are talking about what Geography is and reminding ourselves what the continents are and where they are located.

The special project of the week is making a salt dough "mini" globe. We started these yesterday and let them dry overnight so we could paint them today.

We baked them on low most of the afternoon, and then let them finish drying overnight. Now it is time to paint our globes.

Lydia's K12 curriculum sent us this great inflatable globe. It is very portable. We already have this awesome...awesome talking globe though that the kids love. I just don't want it laying on the kitchen table with paint. The inflatable globe is washable!
Comparing how much land he has drawn on the globe.
We will be traveling on this journey for the next school year and beyond (since we are getting a late start). If anyone is interested in using this same curriculum, here's the link where we got it: Click on Geography. We have made a few adjustments to our family and it can be easily adjusted any families religious beliefs or thinking.

Tomorrow we will be finishing our What is Geography? section.


  1. My sister-in-law did something similar with her children, only she used the EarthBall. The EarthBall is an inflatable globe made from NASA satellite photos, so it has no borders and no place names. There is nothing to teach the us and them mentality. It just looks like the Earth from space.