Monday, October 25, 2010

Flu Shot Bribery Day

Well it's that time of year and we need to bribe the kids to get flu shots. Today we had time to kill so we took them to the "forbidden zone" for an hour or so. We only go to this place usually really early in the am, like right when they open. The boys cannot handle this place when it is busy. And I cannot handle the kids in there.

Brayden really liked the virtual coaster ride. He rode that over and over again. But he is also our coaster nut! The only roller coaster that scared him at Cedar Point this year was Top Thrill Dragster.

My Joey...can we count that as school time. Was he really learning to tell time?

Caty always has a blast.

Everyone had a blast. We got almost 500 tickets in that short amount of time!!! So each kid got a small ticket item. Then it was off to the doctor's office.
We all have sore spots on our arms, but I have to agree with the doctor about the boys having them. Kids with autism do not even think about germs. And if we can avoid the hospital due to serious illness, it is best for the boys. Being attached to wires or monitors would only make them
face serious meltdown issues.
They may not even come into contact with H1N1 or the flu, but I would rather not take the chance.

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