Saturday, November 13, 2010

Basketball started!!!! GOOOO COUGARS!!!!

It's the new season of Basketball for the boys.  So every Monday and Wednesday afternoon we will be practicing our team building skills and basketball skills.  We were early for the first day, and the boys practiced for a while before hand.  Brayden really does enjoy basketball more than Joey.  But I know Joey enjoys it most least when he is not "grouchy" as he calls it.  That is why I love the Special Olympics program soooo much.  No one is making fun of another or ignoring a kid.  They all work together, but know that if a child is having a hard time they all matter what the age difference is.  All the kids understand what a meltdown is, and they don't stare or laugh at a child because they may be having a bad time right then.  This is the best group of kids!!!

Brayden's in the yellow shirt with his hands in the air. 

Joey had reached his limit that day.  We got to practice early, and had been practicing for an extra 30 minutes at the time.  So he had to break for a small snack.

Now I have to switch from soccer to basketball mode.  I am working on refreshing myself on the rules of basketball. 


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