Thursday, November 25, 2010

OT therapy picks this week!!!

With winter coming up, it will be harder to make sure that the boys get to therapy every week.  So I have been reading and stocking up on Occupational Therapy activities.  I have to share two that I have just now started using. 

Last week through Homeschool Blogger I was able to take a class on the benefits of a membership to abcteach.  I had saw this site before, but didn't realize how much was on there.  I can create copywork for the boys to help improve their handwriting.  This type of work allows me to combine handwriting into different subjects without them even realizing it.  Last week I was able to put handwriting help into Geography, Science, and Bible.  It was soooo nice.  They were learning correct letter formation while working on labeling a skeleton for science!  No more complaining about working in their Handwriting without Tears workbook.  I can also create word search puzzles for Brayden with his interests in mind.  He loves word search puzzles and they have word searches in different shapes and you can use theirs or type in your own words.  I highly recommend the subscription to this website.  They are very homeschool friendly.  So far I like them better than edHelper.

Another wonderful discovery was something I read on the blog Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She recently reviewed and had a giveaway for Pick and Draw.  I decided the cost was right and it would be a great visual perception activity for Joey.  And right now he is getting into drawing because he wants to make a comic book.  This is one of his designs from last week:

This will definitely be in his box a couple times a week.  He really enjoys it.
Next week we are breaking out two new items.  I found button art from Scholastic and foam mosaic tiles.  Will be fun for all!!!

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