Saturday, December 25, 2010

Welcome to Russia....

We signed in our passports.

We used Google Translate to hear how to say our names and even some cartoon characters names in Russian.  The phrase below is Welcome to Russia.

We learned about Russian nesting dolls.  We colored pictures of them.  I didn't have the supplies in the house to create our own set.  We also colored beautiful Faberge eggs sheets.  Joey did an awesome job staying in the lines.  

We watched a History Channel special on Faberge Eggs.  It was wonderful special and full of historical  pictures and accounts.  We found it on Youtube.  We had to watch it in 10 minute segments, but it was worth it.  So then we decided to make our own fabrege eggs.  We used inflated balloons with newspaper and glue.  Quite messy and required alot of adults hands-on.  The only one to enjoy it was Caty. 


Then we used decoupage glue and tissue paper to cover the dried newspaper.

 Here's our masterpieces drying.   We took down a curtain in the school room area to allow more light to come from the porch.  We left the rod brackets up to create an art display/drying area.

Joey also spent some time trying to learn a little about chess.  He enjoyed it alot, but he got frustrated at how long a game could take. 

The girls thought they could learn too. Turns out they just like using the pieces to play dolls.  They played the king and queen were boyfriend and girlfriend.  They had all the pawns say a prayer together to start their day.  It was cute.

We were going to have Russian tea cakes and tea this week.  Unfortunately that and our meal were put on hold.  We will have to post that later.  I think because winter has hit us full force, it is a good time to continent hop again!  We are going to look at Antarctica next week.  I have a fun penguin project planned and Youtube was full of videos on Antarctica travel.  I would even be willing to travel there to marvel at the beauty I could see through their camera's eye.  That was until I saw the cost to travel there......will never happen!!  Thinking warm thoughts till next week.