Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our menu for next week

So I have been attempting to plans meals now for several years.  Now that we have 4 kids, I really am trying to make an effort to only be at the store once every two weeks.  I plan our shopping trip to buy the majority of the food/supplies we need in one big trip.  The next week we pick up minor things such as milk and bread.  I arrange this all of course around my hubby's pay period.  My trip starts out usually the day before running to a little grocery store about 20 minutes away that is privately owned.  They have an old fashioned meat department.  I buy all of our meat there now.  I don't have to worry about dyes and crap that has been added.  He also has awesome prices on everything.  I usually overbuy just a little every trip and then keep rotating it in our freezer so if I need an extra meal to take somewhere, it's no big deal. 

Then (and yes we shop at the big box stores) it's off to Walmart!  I usually try not to bring the kids.  I have my list in hand and try not to veer to far from it, but sometimes I see clearance or something new that catches my eye.  Or even something I forgot to put on the list.  Our children have very distinct preferences.  Drives me crazy, but that is life with kids on the autism spectrum and ones with sensory processing disorders.

So this is my plan at least for this next week:

Breakfast is open (this is everyday)...usually cereal, frozen pancakes (sometimes store bought, sometimes homemade), or even sausage croissants.
Lunch-Eating out today
Dinner-Samosas (we are starting our study of India this week...MMMMmmmm)

Lunch--homemade potato skins
Dinner--hot beef sandwiches (and leftovers from lunch to go with)

Monday--we have a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese during the day, a basketball game (boys) and Lydia has her first ice skating lesson
Lunch--out at Chuck E. Cheese

Tuesday--the boys have Agility therapy in the evening and Lydia has a nature class all afternoon.  We may get to homeschool gym too.
Lunch--Biscuits and gravy
Dinner--Burgers and veggies

Wednesday--We have Art class in the morning, so lunch will be in the crock pot.  We will be making homemade dog biscuits in the afternoon for our field trip on Thursday
Lunch--Veggie soup
Dinner--Beef Korma (MMMMMmmmmm more Indian food)

Thursday--We will be at the Humane Society for a field trip in the morning with Lydia's Daisy Scout troop and our Kids Club (it's a combined field trip because so many are in both clubs)
Lunch--Either packed or out...not sure yet
Dinner--Spaghetti with homemade meatsauce

Friday--World Travelers Club Day
Lunch--Homemade brocolli soup w/ bread
Dinner--Steak and potatoes

Saturday--Open (May have a basketball game, but not sure yet.)
Lunch--probably out
Dinner--breaded pork chops w/ gnocchi & Gravy

We will see how our week goes!!

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