Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our week in review.....

So we had a partial week this week.  They only had school 3 of the 5 days.  We took Monday off for me to run errands.  My niece and nephew were on winter break from their school, so I knew they would be visiting this week too.  So I planned lighter loads. 

We pulled out the teddy bear factory.  And each of the girls made a new "stuffie".

I mentioned a new favorite site to buy from last week.  Mindware has some wonderful educational games.  I found this one on clearance when I ordered Blik Blok.  It's called Amazing Mammoth Hunt.  We are just really working on locations of all the countries with the help of our World Geography curriculum this year.  This game was fun.  It took a lot of time to set up, but it was fun. 

Brayden now loves playing with this awesome game from Discovery Toys.  It has basic math facts and even some language arts activities.  He really enjoyed playing with this and has actually asked that it be included a couple times a week in his boxes.

We made some gingerbread houses for fun.  The girls loved the icing.  We are going to be reading Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends over the next couple weeks and doing various art projects for them.

Caty really liked the frosting!

 This week we also used Gamequarium to watch the Magic School Bus episodes on the Human Body.  We we talking about the circulatory system and respiratory system in Science class. 

We also tried to paint gingerbread houses.  They also decorated gingerbread men.  I put a picture on their easel and gave them a plate with 12 different colors of paint.  They were supposed to come close to the picture.  I knew Caty wouldn't.  But the others tried hard too.

Joey did a good job copying the picture of the house.

We also went bowling with some friends. 

Daddy even had the day off and was able to come and play with us.

My brother got a hold of my camera.  Many years ago, he thought it was funny to take pictures of toliets with my camera.  Even our wedding cameras (that were on the tables) were developed with pictures of toliets.  I was downloading pics and guess what I found from Friday.

I guess that's a good way to end 2010!!!  Out with the old, and in with the New!!!!

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