Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday Boxes

Well we haven't used our boxes in over a week.  We were on Winter break.  So after helping my hubby with some stuff he had to get done, and unpacking some more junk....I finally got our lesson plans updated for this week.  We had the usual stuff on the schedule like Lydia's Skating Lesson, the boys Agility therapy and their basketball practice.  The boys have their online LEGO club that's sponsored by  They also have Science Jim class...which we are behind on.  Caty also has a double ear infection...and WOW is she grouchy.  

This will be a center for all of them today.

These are Lydia's workboxes.
We are continuing our study of Daniel.
 We are also continuing our Healthy Eating unit.
 Basic addition facts.

The K12 Language Arts unit is Millions of Cats.  Most of their stuff bores here, so then I have trouble keeping her attention.  So I have gone the way of Story Art on the books.  Helps keep her attention.  I also get responses to questions as she is doing her project!

She will be starting a mini-weather unit.
 This is just a workbook.  I am informally testing her problem solving and visual perception skills.  This workbook seems to be just right for checking some things out.  I will read the directions if needed for a couple pages each day this week.

 Fun poster to make from Nick Jr.  When we piece it together, there are animals that we will need to cut out (I will need to help a little) and then glue them down to make a Diego poster for her wall.  I have one for Caty to work on too.
Now what are the boys working on:

We will be continuing our delayed study of France. 

We will be talking about Force in Science Class.

We will continue our study of Daniel.
 Teaching Textbooks for Math--working on multiplication facts
 Spelling list.  We are going back to basics.  Brayden and Joey are both having trouble with spelling.  I am in the process of ordering All About Spelling for them.  They are not struggling with reading, just spelling words when they need to write them.
 This is in Brayden's boxes.  He loves Word Search puzzles.  Found this at Dollar Tree. 
 Free Reading.  I want to encourage Brayden into more chapter books.  He's resisting, so we are taking it easy.
 Also a Brayden box.  He loves Rush Hour Jr.
 Both boys are finishing their Compound words this week.
 They are both in the first book from Draw Write Now.  They are enjoying it.
 I found this maze book at  I love that website.  I got the annual membership, and it has paid off.  These are great visual perception activities!!!
 Another visual perception.  This is in Joey's boxes.  It's a magnification game.
 Joey loves drawing.  So to encourage detail, I am including this tracing book for him to use
 Both boys are practicing math facts.  These are some clothespins multiplication cards.  Got these from another Yahoo group.
 Joey loves his Dude diary!!!
That's bascially our Monday.  I have to run and get our new plates since today is my birthday....BLAH!!!  Hate the BMV!

Here's a couple things that Caty will be able to do:

Bubbles and shape match:

Letter sounds
Animal match game I download from Homeschool share.
A great matching game from the Front 1.00/2.50 section at Target.
That's our Monday.  It'll be rough getting back into the swing of things, mainly because I am sooo tired.  I need a vacation from our vacation!!!!


  1. I love seeing what is in work boxes. I have heard of teaching text books but haven't looked into them. Are they good?

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! Love my workboxes!!