Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap up of 2/6/11

Well I'm another year older:(!!!  Oh well, maybe I will actually be the age I feel somedays.  Our family basically treaded water this week to keep our heads up.  The day we got back from vacation, my mom (who just recently had knee replacement surgery a couple months ago) woke up and couldn't move that leg.  We had to call the EMS and have her taken into the hospital in the middle of the night because the pain was so unbearable.  She spent the first part of the week hospitalized and came home on full bedrest with a PICC line for anitbiotics.  She developed a severe infection that encompassed the entire lower section of her leg.

So we got off schedule and fell behind.  I then eased up on math lessons this week.  I let the boys concentrate on math facts.  We did manage to finish our science lesson on force.  We really like Real Science for Kids.  It's a great program.

 Trying to squeeze a tennis ball with our hands, we didn't have enough energy to provide the force.
 We had to use a "simple machine" to do the job.
 Some objects do not keep their shape after force is applied.  Our tennis ball went back to the original shape, but not our mini-marshmallow.

 Our big marshmallows though were ok if we used our hands.

Just a little bit of damage.  They maintained their shape.

We also tried to finish up our study of France.  We learned where it is in the world and what continent it is located on.  We talked about the language and watched some travel videos on Youtube and from the library.  We attempted our 3D Eiffel Tower puzzle...and WOW!!!  That is being boxed back up and resold on Ebay.  Too frustrating!!  So we decided to build the Eiffel tower out of popsicle sticks.

Our french meal of steak with mushrooms.

Souveniers from Flat Travelers exchange last year with a family from France. 

 This turned into such a nightmare.  We got the arches together, but that was it.  Joe and I gave up!
Here's our final creations.  We just used popsicle sticks and styrofoam.

We had World Travelers Club this week.  It was fun.  I felt like a 3-ring circus though.  Caty threw a tantrum.  Joey and Brayden are on new OCD meds and they have not totally kicked in yet.  So neither can control anything that they do.  Made for an interesting couple of hours.

Lydia, Caty and I created our own Russian Nesting dolls.  We used disposable cups, decoupage glue and tissue paper.

Joey learned more about Faberge eggs.  We created those when we studied Russia in December.  So he brought those to share.  The History Channel did a great special on them.  I highly recommend this special, it was wonderful!  Brayden learned about Lake Baikal.  It's the world's deepest freshwater lake. 

Lydia went on a field trip to a vet hospital.  She is now determined to brush Max's teeth.  This should be interesting....please pray for our dog!

 Listening to the dog's heartbeat.
 Watching the dogs heartbeat on the ultrasound machine.
 I think this was the xray of the pregnant dog.
 A dog getting his teeth cleaned.
We also had the basic stuff like Ice skating lessons and basketball practice and two games:

This year's school age Special Olympics Henry County Cougars Basketball Team!  We are missing two players today for pictures.

We won today, but it wasn't easy.  #12 from the other team and #25 both gave us a challenge!

We had our online LEGO club.

Brayden has fallen in love with this Mosaic set I got from Hobby Lobby.  Great visual perception activity!!

He has to match the color tiles up with their numbers. 

With all the extra stress this week, we are falling asleep sitting up.  (Caty fell asleep while I was doing my homework the other night on the kitchen table bench.)

But we tried to stay silly!!

Caty was begging for a Dora Snuggie blanket and they were on sale today!  So I gave in.  Our house is actually very cold at times.  It's old though.
Brayden thought this was hilarious!  I had to take his picture laying on the floor.  Yep it was one of those weeks!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!


  1. Looks like a blast!!! Your kids always look so happy!! Happy Birthday late too!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! You sure completed a lot of activities- such a great variety too! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your mother hope she recovers quickly. I loved the Russian doll idea. We are going to the Russian circus this evening. Have a great weekend