Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Seuss - Day 4 Green Waffles and Ham?!?!

Well none of our kids has ever liked scrambled eggs!!  Ever!!  My hubby has always disliked eggs and would only eat them if I covered them in salsa for breakfast burritos.  Now that I have discovered an egg allergy in myself, there is no more fighting over eating scrambled eggs.  But I was trying to come up with a breakfast for everyone for Green Eggs and this was the solution:

Lydia is posing with her plate.  She is resting because while helping me take out the garbage she knocked a heavy duty stapler off on her toes.  We are suspecting that she may have broken 2 of them.  Nothing to do but tape them together and let her rest a bit. So she is resting today and I am checking her bandages.

Brayden at first wouldn't eat green waffles, said they were icky!  But then he tried them and ate more than all the others!!

The kids are enjoying the stories really coming to life.  We may have to start having themed author weeks!!!

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?!?!