Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our first State Box swap

We joined a group on Facebook called Homeschool Swap Adventures where the kids can flat travel around the world.  Part of the adventure is having a State box swap.  We participated this month and here is our box to represent Ohio:

In our research we found that Cheez-Its are made in Cincinnati (new fact for us).  You can't see the Candy canes from Spangler Candy in Bryan.  We also have a mini- Etch-a-Sketch from Ohio Art (also in Bryan).  There is a small cup of sand from Lake Erie.  An Ohio cookie cutter that we got from Fort Meigs.  Lots of brochures from Ohio and Seneca Caverns, Cedar Point, Toledo Zoo, information on McClure (our town), The Great Black Swamp, Northwest Ohio wildlife and even a can of Alphabet Sphagetto's for Campbell's in Napoleon Ohio (Grandpa works there).

Hope the family enjoys some info on Ohio!!!


  1. Love this. I didn't have time to do the swap this month however hoping to do it maybe next month. Great ideas!

  2. What an amazing idea! LOVE IT!

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  3. Hi there! I'm stopping in to thank you for joining the Monday blog hop. I hope to see you link back up again next week :)