Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arena Life has begun for us (again)....

Since Joey is joining the Equestrian team with Special Olympics in our county, the girls wanted to start riding again also.  So we called up one of the best instructors in the area to start back up again.  Lydia has actually been taking lessons with her since January 2010 (4 years old!).  We took the winter off because I was totally overwhelmed!!  So now that Joey and Lydia were starting lessons again, Caty started begging to start too.  Teresa said she would start her in short 10-15 minute bursts when Lydia's lessons were done.  She was very excited to get to go and ride the horses.  She didn't care for brushing the horse....she just wanted to ride and run around like a mad person!

Here's some shots of the first lesson for Caty.

You want me to What?!?! (she's actually making kissing lips to get Hanna to go)

and Lydia (practicing pro)

I missed watching her lesson.  Had to take Caty to the van.  But Teresa said she did great and didn't forget anything (even though it had been since November).

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