Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Geography Fair 2011

So this was my first time trying to put on a Geography Fair in our homeschool group.  Learned lots and lots for next year!!! 

We had some very hardworking students display yesterday.

Ok...I will be honest, my kids were not all hard working.  But the first three were their "exhibits".

Lydia did Life in a Castle because she fell in love with a Lady dress pattern at Hobby Lobby.  This dress was my second made in 2 days because the other material she picked out she hated and wouldn't wear.  I also cut the dress too big and could seam it down.  Don't you just love kids with sensory issues!!

 Joey did a project on Vikings of Scandinavia.  We stole the helmet, shield and sword from our European continent box.  But I did a quick sew on a piece of "fur" like fabric to make his cloak, which is held on by his brooch (which we made with a soup can lid, aluminum foil and Elmer's spray adhesive and some really pretty stones we found at Hobby Lobby....side note my husband is soon is going to ban me from going there anymore!!)
 Brayden (my very little working child) displayed his work from our study of China.  No costume...wouldn't wear one.  But I took his sheets of work from our Expedition Earth curriculum and displayed them in clear sheets.  That is the Great Wall project we all worked on together.

We had a really cool display on Italy.

Check out the Parthenon!
 Bermuda Triangle.....Really cool information here.  I need to do some more reading.  Found this site tonight.
This is a relief map of Greece along with information about the warriors of Ancient Greece. 
 This was a super project on the Mythical Creatures of the World.  A look at Big Foot, Menataur and Nessie.  The footprint is to scale.
 The Geography of the moon.
 A closer shot of the footprint.
 Dogs of the World.
 Geography of the World Cup.
 A close up of the Parthenon....make mental note for this fall when do a brief trip to Ancient Greece in history.
 Arizona Desert.

It was a great time....and I can't wait to do this again next year!!!!


  1. this looks great and like so much fun!

  2. This looks like a great activity. My daughter would love the mythological creature exhibit! My son won't wear costumes of any kind either! You did a great job on the dress, I don't sew (except buttons)

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  7. That looks like they had fun and learned a bit too. Nice. I stumbled this post.

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  10. You have been Stumbled. :-) This is so neat! It looks like a lot of fun! It is really cool when kids have the opportunity to really get into a subject. :-)

    I am following your blog in all ways available as well. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

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