Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Week in Review

Our week actually last from last Saturday through the weekend.  We had Geography fair on Monday. 

Lydia decided on Life in Castles because she wanted to wear a Lady dress.  She used FloraBricks to create a castle.  Painted it and decorated it.  I am proud to say that the majority of this part of her project was done on her own or her sister helped her!!!

Brayden decided on China since we had already built a model of the Great Wall in the fall.
Joey decided on Vikings...because of How to Train a Dragon.  We built a longboat model I found at Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately most of the model was too difficult for him to handle, so it was a very parental hands on project.  He enjoyed making his brooch though.
We saw lots of horses this week.  Joey, Lydia and Caty all started lessons.  Lydia was already taking lessons, but took a break to try ice skating.  Joey had taken lessons last summer also.  He joined up with the Special Olympics Equestrian team in our county.  Caty though, this was her first learn how to ride lesson.

We volunteered at the Humane Society again.  We will be there every other week to clean out the cat room or whatever else they need us to do.  This week, Lydia got into the mopping.  Wish she would at home!
We had a severe round of thunderstorms overnight that caused down limbs and trees.  There were two F0 tornadoes confirmed in counties closer to Lake Erie two counties from us.  This was a sign from the restaurant downtown.

We finished our soccer unit from Amanda Bennett.  Here's a copy of one of our sheets from the project.  I love my binding machine.  Makes it nice for the kids to open them like a notebook. 

We finished our Earth Day Discussions.  We watched lots of information on why to take care of our planet.  I found this information at  There is a book on the start of Earth Day and one on what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle.  

We also read these titles:

The kids absolutely loved them.  We also watched Magic School Bus on that Mrs. Frizzle!!!

Then we took what we learned and applied it at our first spring soccer practice.  That'll be another post, but here's the boys and their Coach!

Here's the video we watched a lot!!!  And it worked.  Even though Joey was having an episode, he remembered what he learned.  It was great to see them concentrate on ball control.

By the way....the links are for your information.  Please do not feel that you need to click on and purchase them.  I do get a percentage of the sale (like nothing)...but it was easy to link up the pictures to the blog this week.  I am having a lot of trouble uploading to blogger today.

We cleaned out the garage, and the hubby got our bikes all ready.  This little trampoline is great in the garage, especially to expel energy during times of rain (oh like this week!!).  It's 8 foot in diameter.  And the kids are not gymnasts yet, so even with a lower ceiling we are ok.  It's also great to calm meltdowns.  We were able to clean up enough to get out the basketball set in the corner.  It's like one of those ESPN stations, but only basketball.  I can send the kids out in the garage on rainy days.  We are in the early stages of cleaning the garage out and converting it into a family room.  We are tripping over each the room is needed.  Joey has requested the foos ball table come out too.  So we will be working on that tomorrow.

We did a couple little spring crafts that I got at Dollar Tree.  The girls did.  They enjoyed them.

The boys also started watching Speekee Spanish.  It's not bad for $7.95 a month.  Whenever we were together in the van we practiced basic spanish like numbers and simple phrases.  Joey is catching on pretty quick.  Brayden may take a bit longer or he may choose to not learn anymore.  With his speech delay (though he has overcome lots), it may become too difficult for him.  We'll just wait and see.  Lydia and I will be watching this together also.  The boys are able to do this on their own with minimal supervision.

Next week:

Geography-Iceland and Greenland
Science- Not sure, but a habitat

Math-Teaching Textbooks Coins
Grammar-We are going to try out Switched on Schoolhouse Grammar
Brainpop-On their IPads we found a cheap version of this program. 
Typing-We found software for their IPad to work with.

Math-ABCMath and Lydia a touch of K12
Sewing-She will be making her first doll outfit (with a lot of help)
Scouts-We need to finish our Animal book

The girls have a Tea Party on Monday with a good friend and we also will be touring our town's post office on Wednesday.  Our postmaster is letting the kids come back and help a little and learn a little too.  It should be fun.

I may have missed something, but oh'll see it in next week's review:)!!!

Have a great week!!!!


  1. What GREAT geography projects! I love the castle and costumes! Nice job! *I* love your binding machine too! LOL I need to get me one of those! Stopping in from Weekly Wrap-up!


  2. WOW! What a productive week! All the projects look great and the castle and costumes are fantastic! Love the horse pictures! Great post and thanks for sharing on NOBH! :)

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