Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Well I missed Menu Planning Monday.  I made a very loose menu for the week.  Plan on trying to stick as close as possible.  Still having health issues, so there are just days that my husband makes quick and sometimes instant meals.  Makes me feel very guilty, but those are usually days where I am not feeling well at all and not eating myself. 

A couple weeks ago, I made a tasty lunch that I never got to share.  Joe really liked it and I thought it was tasty too.  Will have to continue to work on the recipe and make it again.  They are a Thai style peanut wrap.  I used shredded pork that was sauteed with carrots, cilantro and celery.  The sauce was peanut butter and aminos (no soy sauce for me).

Last night I made a taco dip with black beans, sausage, layered with cheese and shredded lettuce.  I had salsa on the side.  My plate was just the meat and bean mixture with the shredded lettuce.  Today for lunch I made stuffed mushroom burgers with a mushroom gravy and served mashed potatoes and corn on the side.  I actually was able to eat it...YEAH!!!  Here's the loose menu for the remainder of the week:

Breakfast--Strawberry pancakes
Lunch--Homemade pierogies (for our study of Poland)
Dinner--Stuffed green peppers (quinoa, green chilies, ground beef, and carrots)

Breakfast--Open (cereal, toast)
Lunch--Peanut tofu stirfry

Breakfast--Cinnamon Rolls
Dinner---Sphagetti & garlic bread

Dinner---Homemade taco pizza

Breakfast---Bubble pizza
Lunch---Potato Skins
Dinner---Sweet & Sour pork over rice

We'll wait and see what happens. 

Have a nice Wednesday!!!:)


  1. Looks and sounds totally yummy!
    Thanks for following Mika's Pantry.
    I'm now happily following you back.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those lettuce wraps sound good!!

    Julie @ enJOYing life