Saturday, April 23, 2011

To work or not to Work...Nahhhh Blog HOP!!!

I may or may have not mentioned several times that we are tripping over each other in our house.  We are in desperate need of space.  So we are going to start converting our garage to a family room.  That will leave our living room to become an office/school room for the kids and I.  Eventually it may become a bedroom, but for the time being (while everyone is in elementary levels) we are going to go this route because I need some workspace also.  Well it's cloudy outside and our driveway resembles a lake.  I'm sure it's that damp in the garage right now also. 

The massive issue with our garage is not that we need a place for our vehicle...we don't use our garage for our vehicle.  In fact, there's an 8 foot therapy trampoline in the middle of it.  But it stores many...many old things from my parents.  Make me feel guilty about reducing our carbon footprint when I see all the stuff I need to find recycling centers for....and hope to find it for.  (Warning.....Pack Rat Syndrome is genetic and is passed down through several generations!!)

My to-do list today consists of :
  • studying my Bible lesson for tomorrow
  • catching some laundry up
  • taking Brayden's bike to the bike shop to have the chain fixed (he has an adapted bike and the chain is too long and need adjusted).
  • cleaning the garage in sections.
  • maybe feeding all of them today
  • finish creating the boys blogs (which will not be really promoted, but a way for them to express themselves...hopefully)
  • and I think my mom has something she needs done also.

But I may visit some of the Blog Hops I found that are listed below:

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

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