Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Review April 10-16, 2011

Things are way out of order in this post.  First off on Sunday, it was nice.  Caty is working hard on using those leg muscles to peddle her tricycle.

 Grandpa and Grandma had fun watching her.
On Monday, Lydia finished Ice skating lessons until Fall.  Next up soccer and return to horseback riding.
 She was exhausted.  We had our field trip to the Newspaper today also.
 We started our Geography Fair projects.  I'm still overwhelmed.  Lydia is doing England, Life in a Castle.
 Joey is doing the life of a Viking.
 Brayden is doing China.  I didn't take pictures of his yet.  Still working on it.  We built a Great wall model earlier in the year that we will be using.

We volunteered to help at the Humane Society.

The girls started Little Kickers soccer...just skills.  I will be coaching Caty's team and Joe will be working on Lydia's.

 Lydia is loving soccer!!  Took Caty a bit to warm up.  Lots of kids and a bit overwhelming.

 This is the start of Joey's model.  I had to do most of it because it was very tiny and tedious.  They need to make models for kids with Autism.

The start of Lydia's castle model.  She's painting it today.  We are working on our posters also.

We finished our lapbooks on Rainforest Habitats.  Played a trivia game we found at the zoo on Rainforests.  Last week we posted the poster we made of the layers of the Rainforest.  We kept referring to that.  I even managed to get each of them to sit down separately and quiz them verbally on what they learned.

Instead of just a file folder, I actually bound their books with our new binding machine.  It's awesome!!!

Next science unit is a brief look at Earth day and all we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

This is a few of the material we gathered from Amazon and the library to use.

We are almost done with our soccer lapbook.  WOOOOHOOOO.  The boys don't mind the skill part, but honestly they don't care about previous players and names.  They thought it was gross that people used to use animal bladders for soccer balls.  I asked which one of them would want to blow that ball up?!?!:)  I highly recommend this Book from Amanda Bennett.  It has some wonderful links to soccer skills videos.  This DVD we borrowed from the library is great also.  I need to memorize this since I will be coaching Caty's 3 year old team...YIKES!!!  Did I mention I have been reading Soccer for Dummies:)

Next week we will be looking at the Blue Diamond.  I got the 1st email to possibly be part of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.  Now it's time for the interview review.  We are do to a sample review and post it by the 29th.  Our curriculum review is a Curiosity Files on the Blue Diamond.  I keep hearing the Titanic theme humming through my head.  The boys will be chucking along at their math (money right now).  We will be adding some typing software to their IPads.  And we will be starting Right Brain Training Therapy.  Next week is our Daisy scouts meeting, We are celebrating the Memorial of Jesus death and continuing our study of Jesus also, 1st soccer practice of the year for the boys, Geography Fair and our last zoo class before the Zoo expo in May.  Going to be a busy...busy...week.  And who said Homeschoolers are teaching their kids and exposing them to anything?!?!?  The people that say that are the uneducated ones!!!!!

Have a great week!!!


  1. WOW! Busy week for sure! We love soccer too as my 3 older children play! Great shots of your little kickers! Love your ship and castle models too! Thanks for sharing on NOBH and have a blessed weekend!

  2. It's really amazing how busy we can be for people who just sit home all day, huh?! Sounds like a fun-filled week!

  3. What a fun, busy week you had! I find it interesting that most kids do soccer in the spring! Here in Maine - we do soccer in the FALL! Spring is for baseball and Track and Field! LOL Congrats on TOS! I didn't make it! Boo hoo! It's OK! LOL LOVED the You Might be a Home-Educator/Homeschooler! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!


  4. Lots going on this week. Looks great! Love the soccer pictures. We had our geography fair last night. The kids had a lot of fun. Hope yours goes well too.