Saturday, April 16, 2011

You might be a homeschooler if......

  • You went to school in your PJs. 
  • Your stacks of books to check out was taller than the librarian. 
  • You considered school work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment.
  • You had to move laundry off your desk before you could start school.
  • A snow day meant that you had to shovel the driveway after you finished your school work. 
  • You had to look at the clock to see if you could call your public school friends yet. 
  • You thought that “public-school-kid” was an insult of the highest degree. 
  • You were always late but just called it “homeschooler time.” 
  • The teacher could kiss the principal, and no one thought it was unusual. 
  • You got to school and the teacher asked you if you’ve done all your chores. 
  • Your friends talked about waiting in line for seven hours to try out the new roller coaster in town, so you went and waited five minutes on a school day. 
  • Gym class was actually a fun activity like swimming. 
  • The closest thing to a bully in your school was your slightly strange two-year-old sister. 
  • Your friends complained about a hard day at school, and you had to keep yourself from giving them “that homeschooling smile.” 
  • You slept in till 9 am on weekdays but got up at 7 am on Sundays. 
  • Your favorite author was Jane Austen, G.K. Chesterton, or P.G. Wodehouse. 
  • You have suffered through Saxon Math. 
  • You have finished your schoolwork before breakfast. 
  • You spent more than 2 hours each day reading and writing...voluntarily. 
  • You had more than 2 science experiments going on in your room. 
  • You have spent the entire school day in pajamas. 
  • You checked out more than 10 books each time you visited the library. 
  • You actually wanted to receive books as a present. 
  • Your bedroom was your classroom and your bed or floor was the desk. 
  • You stayed up till whenever, and not because you were doing homework. 
  • You could get days ahead in almost any subject. 
  • You forgot about the minor holidays until you saw your dad sitting home in sweats or your public school friends asked you over the weekend what you did on your day off. 
  • Your mom counted watching a war movie as history and playing out in the snow as PE. 
  • You had more friends way older and way younger than you than ones your actual age. 
  • You read for fun.
  •  your kitchen is filled with an ant farm, a worm farm, tadpoles and frogs, gerbils, hermit crabs, anoles, garden snakes, 3 different sizes and pairs of breeding birds, a pregnant cat, 4 aquariums with different types of fish, and 3 excited children
  • your window sills aren't big enough
  • your public school teaching husband is jealous of your freedom in teaching
  •  your kids are outside on a sunny spring weekday making plaster Paris animal tracks while all the other kids in the neighborhood are in school. 
  • your bookcases look like the reference section of the library.
  • your 6 year old corrects the checker about the amount of change they should get back--even if they are being overpaid.
  • you have ever had a mummified chicken sitting on your kitchen counter
  • . you had to buy a bigger vehicle just so that you can cart around all the schoolbooks and supplies when you go to grandma's.
  • you have bookshelves in every room of the house and you always need more.
  • you know your credit card number by heart because you buy so many things, usually books, off Ebay.
  • you get a Paypal account and credit card just so you can pay for curriculum auctions.
  • your house has turned into a one room school house. 
  • the biggest treat you get is going to the local teacher supply store and getting 20% off everything on top of the 20% you already get for being a homeschooler.
  • you ask relatives to give you bookstore gift certificates instead of presents 
  • your Mom asks what books your child would like and you give here a 10 page list of the books you are looking for.
  • you are always asked "Why aren't your children in school?" to which you reply "They are." when you are out and about.
  • You see your 2 1/2 year old toddler pass you with the magnifying glass and she tells you that today she is going to "study toys." 
  • You might be a homeschooling family when kids answer the entire question on English history. As well as American history for family members who are trying to be wise. Egg in there faces (yes they are learning things your kids are not.) sorry I was so happy to see there faces, thought they were going to test my teaching still. 
  • you have memorized the barcode number on your library card from typing it in the computer every time you reserve a book.
  • Your son skins his knee, and after making sure that he is okay, you encourage him to notice the different epidermal layers!!! 
  • Instead of the song "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes", you modify it to "Cranium, Mandible, Clavicle, Scapula; Clavicle, Scapula"!!! 
  • Every time you go to Wal-Mart you buy pencils, erasers, and notebooks.  I am always searching for erasers, and we use about a dozen pencils a month.  There is always one child needing their color coded notebooks.
  • you don't need your library card because both you & the librarian know your card number by heart. 
  • your kid(s) call house work home ec 101 & they are more knowledgeable about doing laundry & grocery shopping then their friends in public school.
  • When you go out to stores during school hours you're asked "school kids have the day off today?"
  • You try ever so hard to smile and say "No, I'm homeschooled" but you really just want to roll your eyes and walk away.
  • You've been outside during school hours and a cop has actually asked you why you're not in school.
  • Someone asks what grade you’re in and you’re not sure

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  1. LOVE IT! I am going to share this link on my facebook page today (Mom's Mustard Seeds)!!!

  2. Feel's an old post I found....thought it was great!!! Watch for tomorrow's post from the Bitter Homeschooler. Found at Secular Homeschool Magazine. Had some interesting pet peeves also.

  3. Great lists!! So many are TOOO true!!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog!!

    Hope your weekend is blessed!


  4. Doesn't everyone have their library card barcode memorized ?? :) I love reserving books online...and then picking them up at our library's drive-thru window!

    Love this list :)