Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goal Planning -- Week #2

Week #1 Goals
1. Paint and caulk the windows against the driveway.  Not done.  Rained alot this week.
2. Take paper recycling over on Monday.3. Plant our carrots and potatoes.  Not done:(
4. Level off water line dirt that the construction crew left laying in our yard.
(the company that left the mess came and took care of htis without warning).
5. Try and be on time to every appointment & activity this week
CHECK!!!6. Plant straw bale flowers by the front steps.  CHECK!!!
7. Clean up the bottom of the steps area for the washer delivery. CHECK!!!
We did not stay on task for schoolwork this week.  Meltdowns and tantrums got in the way.  It also rained alot at odd times and didn't get a chance to do the painting.  Since it is black paint, don't want it running down our white aluminum siding!  I am going to carry over our uncompleted tasks to this week. I did manage to get some other painting done though yesterday and some scrapping I didn't plan on doing. 

But I do need to thank my hubby.  He really did help on some of the projects.  He helped to clean up the bottom of the basement steps and get that taken care of.  He also took the recycling over to the center.  After I look at the list, now I wonder what I did all week....I know I was exhausted all week with numerous activities.

Week #2 Goals

1.  Paint and caulk windows among the driveway.
2.  Plant sweet corn and carrots/lettuce plants.--Finally decided today where to plant everything.
3.  Help price items at the garage sale 3 days this week.--our family is having a big sale in 2 weeks and trying to get it set up....lots and lots to price
4.  Clean out cabinet underneath and beside the kitchen sink.--Find a rainy afternoon to do this.
5.  Finish washing and putting summer clothes on the shelves.
6.  Start Story of the World lesson plans for the summer.--Two long waits at the dentist office await me this will work on this then.
7.  Clean out the back shelves of the garage before garbage day this week.
8.  Take aluminum recylcing over to the Recycling center.
9.  Sit down with each boy and finally post on their blogs.  Life has been so stressful that I haven't taken the time to do this...Bad Mommy!  But with the verge of our 2011-2012 school year...good time to start.

We have minor projects we are working on for school. Our 2010-2011 school year is done.  I knew we wouldn't finish our curriculum this year...SSSShhhhh Don't tell the curriculum police:) !!  We are working on Geography, Science and Math this week.  The boys are working on an assessment book that I am working on with them.  Neither are really able to do a full assessment test (Timed), so we are using the prep books that you can purchase for the OAT (Ohio Assessment Test) to see where the boys have progressed.  I'll be using the same rules they would be getting if in a public school.  They would both qualify for having their tests read to them and no time limits.  We'll see how it goes. 

Watch my weekly wrap-up to see if I got this all done!  Head over to Mama Manuscripts to see what everyone else is doing.


  1. Hi! Visiting via Goal Planning Monday! Sorry to hear that meltdowns got in your way. I do know how that can be! Hopefully, this week will be better.

  2. Visting fron Goal Planning Monday! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! Nice to meet another homeschooling Mom (and fellow Ohioian--- we are from Cleveland) Come visit me at

  3. Stopping by from Goal Planning Monday. Story of the World is great for Dr. office waits! I've been through it twice and am gearing up for #3 this coming year.

  4. i am also stopping over from gpm. how sweet that your hubby helped with a few goals.

    isn't it a shame that parenting gets in the way of finishing our to-do lists. wink. wink. be gentle with yourself, renita. parenting and homescooling can throw us curve balls we didn't plan for.

    keep plodding along and you'll get done what needs to get done. i am saying this to myself as well.

  5. Husbands can really come through at times. Thank you so much for linking up at NOBH. I will be interested to see next weeks progress.