Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goal Planning -- Week #4

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Well let me see if I can catch this project back up.  We spent the last week in Franklin/Brentwood, Tennessee.  Had a wonderful time and a few roller coaster moments...go figure!

Let's see if I finished anything off the previous two lists:

Week #2 Goals

1. Paint and caulk windows among the driveway.  Not the driveway windows, but the south side of the house is done
2.  Plant sweet corn and carrots/lettuce plants.--Finally decided today where to plant everything.
Did not get out corn planted:(, but got my mom's radishes, summer squash and some sort of green stuff planted.  Guess ours will have to wait a few more days.
3.  Help price items at the garage sale 3 days this week.--our family is having a big sale in 2 weeks and trying to get it set up....lots and lots to price    Not done with everything...but trying
4.  Clean out cabinet underneath and beside the kitchen sink.--Find a rainy afternoon to do this.  Only got one of the 3 cabinets done.
5.  Finish washing and putting summer clothes on the shelves.6.  Start Story of the World lesson plans for the summer.--Two long waits at the dentist office await me this will work on this then.  Done through the end of July right now.
7.  Clean out the back shelves of the garage before garbage day this week. 
8.  Take aluminum recylcing over to the Recycling center.9.  Sit down with each boy and finally post on their blogs.  Life has been so stressful that I haven't taken the time to do this...Bad Mommy!  But with the verge of our 2011-2012 school year...good time to start.

Week #3 Goals

1.  Finish the 2 cabinets in the kitchen.
2.  Recycling over Wednesday.
3.  Plant corn, carrots and lettuce. Didn't get lettuce or carrots planted yet.
4.  Finish pricing garage sale items for Thursday.
5.  Start packing suitcases.

6.  Clean off and organize Joe's office area so that I can have a packing area without the necessity of tripping over suitcases for the next week or so.
7.  Get a babysitter for the cats.
8.  Clean up the stray cat so that he can finally come in the house.
9.  Listen to as much of the homeschool conference this week as possible!!
10.  Clean up the front flower bed and get the hostas planted, and get the new tree planted where the scene of the "accident" happened a couple weeks ago.  Don't worry, the only casualty was our very tiny pine tree we planted a couple years ago for Earth Day.  It was no match for the riding lawn mower.

Week #4 Goals:

1.  Clean out garage of unneccessary items.  Get trampoline into the yard.  Measure and see what supplies are needed.
2.  Keep on schedule for taking over our paper/cardboard/plastic recycling.
3.  Move some items off the front porch to the soon to be new storage area.  Clean up and porch for exercise use.  The Gazelle is out there now also.  Hopefully get our treadmill in a couple weeks.
4.  Work on planting flowers around all the trees in the front yard.  Plant pine tree also.
5. Clean the following areas....Monday (porch & front bedroom), Tuesday (kitchen/work area), Thursday (kids rooms), Friday (schoolroom)
6.  Get kids grade cards ready.

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