Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a Keeper---Recipe Link up

Decided to try and put roast on the grill with carrots, baby potatoes and celery (you could throw onions in also..but I'm allergic:(...)  I only put on salt and pepper since I wasn't sure what to put on and the kids get grouchy if I use too many seasonings.  It could've definitely used some basil and oregano and even some tomato.  But it was still very, very good.  I just added some water to the pan, covered with aluminum foil (found recycled kind from Reynolds), and set the grill for about 375-400 degrees.  And went and did my tasks for the afternoon.  It was sooooo good!!!  I made too much, but we ate on it for a few days.  I loved jus the veggies!

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It's a Keeper

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