Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Impromptu Learning moment - Mosquito Larvae

Life is an endless educational cycle.  We had another impromptu moment tonight.  As I was cleaning our grill, I looked over and saw sand in the dog's water dish.  Go figure....the girls playing again.  So I went to empty the dish and saw something moving.  There has been a ton of things crawling around our backyard this week...alot of frogs mainly.  So I investigated, saw 50+ larvae floating around.  At first thought it may be frog eggs, but thought how could that be. I know it was clean last night when I filled it before going in for the night.  So went to the internet....How did people homeschool before the internet?!?!

This is what I found.....

Mosquito Life Cycle

Apparently we were raising mosquitos.  I can't remember ever seeing anything like this before. 

Had to show the kids before cleaning the dish out.  Not going to raise anymore mosquitos.   :(


  1. LOL Can't say that I blame you for skipping that "project."

  2. Hey try flies lol ours just hatched and we are now the parents of hundreds of maggots lol

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