Thursday, June 9, 2011

Autisms Day

Many of you who have been following our blog, know that two of our four children are on the autism spectrum.  I was privilegd to win a book from the Meet Chaz blog, and I just finished reading it.  The book was A Regular Guy Growing Up with Autism (that's a whole other post) by Laura Shumaker.  It got me started thinking about our boys and all the off the wall things that come out of their mouths and all the things they do.  Most times they do not even realize what has happened.  So I have decided to have a weekly Autisms post.  I figure some of these are so worth sharing and making other people's days!  They will never be mean or make fun of the boys in any way......they will be similar to other funny things that kids just say.  Actually alot of habits the boys have developed (at first it was mainly Brayden), we called them Braydenisms.  But Joey doesn't fit under that name, so I thought just 'Autisms' fit them.

This week we started Story of the World Curriculum.  I plan on making this a spread out curriculum with lots of hands on activities.  This week we talked about what history is and what our family history is.  

This is all the kids on the back deck drawing our family tree.  Well this week since the first part of the week had nice weather, I thought we would try to study on the back deck a little bit.  It didn't work for Brayden well.  Way too many distractions.  He tried to hide his Nintendo DS under papers we were looking at. 

We went rounds a few times about his being history time and not video game time.  But he was determined, like most kids with autism, that he was going to win this and not me. 

I was floating between all 4 kids and found the DS in his hands again, and I looked at him sternly and said "If I find you with this DS again, you DS will be HISTORY!" 

Well I was hoping something was learned during this short and distracted history class. 

So later when the kids were showing their family tree painting to their dad, I asked them if they remembered 'What history was?'.......Brayden pipes up "It's what my DS is!"

Sometime in the next few weeks, I will get a linky set up and we will have Autisms Thursdays!!! 

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