Saturday, June 18, 2011

Backyard Camping

Our Krew ready for our backyard campout!  We have a tent and a campfire.  We decided it was safer to stay in our fenced in backyard for our first campout.

We made hot dogs (nitrate free..YEAH!!!).

No children were harmed during the campout...just mommy.  They did not like cooking their own food over the campfire as much as they thought they would.

We also had smores....ok, not so healthy.  But hey neither is my Pepsi, I am addicted.  This is our first Backyard Campout!

MMMmmmm and gooooey!!

Comforts of home...yes we brought a small TV And DVD player to the tent.  We zipped up the tent and watched Good Boy!  It was fun, especially after I went and made some popcorn after I burnt the stuff on the campfire.

The pre-burnt popcorn.  I actually caught the container on fire...and had to put it out with my can of Pepsi.

More conveniences....and yes I had my laptop too.  I was able to update our online family album.  You can check that out at  Flickr is a great program.  We started using it when we lived in Indiana.  Grandpa and Grandma could see pics of the kids more often.

We had glo-sticks.

And after lights out, I heard a rustle.  Turned on the flashlight to find Brayden helping himself to a marshmallow and graham cracker sandwich.  That was fun to clean up this morning along with all the popcorn that was spilled.

But they all had fun!!  We are exhausted and ready to countdown to the next time!  (Hopefully my foot will be healed by then!)


  1. How fun! We miss camping! We haven't had the time or money to camp recently. I am hoping to get out once this year in the tent. (We also have a pop-up.) So fun! And you can't camp without S'mores! It's the rule! LOL


  2. Backyard campouts are the best! My kids ask for them all the time and we do it at least three times during the summer! I like that it has all the campout experience but less packing and forgetting thing for me. Glad you all had a good time.

  3. We love camping and S'mores! We've camped in the NC mountains, but not our backyard. We need to try it since it looks like alot of fun too! Love the glow in dark necklace photos! My kids love those things! Thank you for linking up to NOBH!