Monday, June 20, 2011

Lydia's Kindergarten Graduation party

We have a year end school party for the kids each year.  It's a family BBQ in the backyard for our kids and our niece and nephew to reward them for all their hard work and "graduating" to the next grade.

But this year was the ever important Kindergarten Graduation for Miss Lydia.  She has been begging for a lizard, so we kind of themed the party around that.  First the girls played and wrestled with Grandpa .

Then Lydia got her present from Grandpa and Grandma early (before the party started).

 She loves horses and wanted one of these tire swings for the swing set.

 Caty had to try too.
 Then we got a massive rain storm!  So they played in the rain.
 Presents for everyone now.

 Lydia wanted a lizard, found these little lizard and wrapped it up for her.  She was very excited....should've just gave her the toy.

 She also got a Justin Beiber microphone! 
 And a special present from her cousin Bryce.
 And the big present from Mommy and Daddy (sorry our recycling pile is in the background)....drumroll please.....
 A Bearded Dragon!!!
 Her Cupcake cake

 More playing in the rain.
 And meet the newest Kuehner Family Member......Lollipop.

One more Kindergarten graduation to go...but have a few years for that one!


  1. Happy graduation! Sounds like a GREAT idea! We used to end our year with a vacation...until this year. It's fun to do something special! Welcome to the family Lollipop!


  2. Cute photos - looks like a fun celebration! I'm a new follower! Hope you'll visit and/or follow at either of my blogs! is a family blog, and is a blog with tips for piano parents and teachers.

  3. Welcome to the family lollipop:) Love the lizard cake thanks for linking up to the NOBH