Monday, June 20, 2011

Lydia's request for her own work area

Miss Lydia requested her own school desk.  She didn't mind working at the kitchen table or even our (what I thought was) really nice school table that seats 4.  She wanted her own school desk.  With our quickly limiting amount of space, I was really questioning how we were going to pull this off.  So I brainstormed a bit the last couple days, because if it means she will finish some more of her schoolwork without fighting with us I will make it happen for her.  Even if for just my sanity!

We made her a little schoolwork area in the kitchen, next to my desk.  Since Caty would want one too, we did a little more shuffling.  The sad news is it forced me to go through some supplies that I had no desire to have to sort through:(....oh well.  As always life is always a work in progress.

Here's her work area with her boxes.

Their new little work area.  Caty's boxes are close to hers.  The Math U See blocks and Cuisinaire Rod tubs separate their areas.

Lydia already drew a picture and hung it up by her desk.  We told her she could decorate the side with all her art papers.

She was very happy and then asked to do some schoolwork.....SHOCKED!!!  Caty even started doing drawers that she had refused to work on last week.  Go figure.  Guess we'll see how long this lasts.

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  1. We have the same workbox cart next to dd's small desk. Very similar set up! We used the kitchen table too, until we started using workboxes.
    Following from the Crew. :)