Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week in Review - June 4, 2011


We started back a few days before I actually intended.  But we were home from Tennessee, and I thought we better just rip the bandaid off and get started.  It's not that I was horribly dreading the start of the new school year, just feeling a bit unorganized (as usual).  We had our curriculum set and I have most of June and July planned out. 

Here goes:


Worked on Phonics with Headsprout.  We also started practicing more sight words.  Since American Girl Club starts next week, we have started reading the first Kaya book.  We are learning some things, but I haven't gone into things really deep with the girls.  We are doing other history curriculum this year, so this is really an educational "fun" club for them.  She started Math-U-See Primer this week also.  Just blew through the two lessons.  She would've probably done more, but her attention span was gone by the time she got done with lesson 2.  I should've gotten this set instead of using K12 math.  So far she really likes it, and I do too!  We are continuing to work on Letter and Number recognition, as well as sound recognition.  Lydia played with Hot Dots Jr. Phonics set and we will be ordering more set to go with her pen for both girls.  They like them.  We did some fine motor skill worksheets from the Kumon books.  And we also started using the My Father's World Alphabet book for the Cuisinaire Rods.  I bought a set of the rods at a Homeschool Garage Sale over a year ago, still hadn't used them.  The boys don't like them, so holding them out for the girls.  They had fun with the worksheets today.

We planted lots of flowers and veggies this week.  Lydia and her cousin Bryce planted the flowers inside the fence on the deck area.

We played a phonics game called Spot the Word from Scholastic.

Found a frog friend on the back patio and kept him a day and then turned him loose.

Built a train with their cousin out of big blocks.

 Caty school this week was alot with Lydia.  She is working on 2 letters a week and early numbers.  She is also using some of the My Father's World Kindergarten/Preschool Curriculum.  I don't have a picture of her playing with them, but we got a Hot Dots Jr. pen and cards for her, as well as Lydia.  She loves that thing!  She also painted and played outside a lot!!!

 Painting with wet sidewalk chalk.

We had our LEGO Party this week.  A wonderful mom who is co-leading the group, made these awesome marshmallow LEGO people.  How cute!!!

We used Starburst to build "LEGO" creations.

After playing LEGO games, we all went out to enjoy the beautiful weather in the park for a little bit.  Even Brayden was swinging!!

 Lydia as always was a climbing machine.


We continued with 3rd Grade Teaching textbooks.  Will be starting 4th really soon.  Joey is still slightly behind in math, and I only say this because he doesn't remember all his math facts.  I really think Teaching Textbooks is ahead of most public school math curriculum.  Brayden is right where he should be for math.  We continued with All About Spelling, after taking a month off.  We finished lesson #5.  We practiced math facts individually.  Joey is also learning Spanish, at his request.  Brayden is learning a little, but only casually and what he overhears from us right now.  Currently we are watching Speekee online, but we will be starting Rosetta Stone Spanish in the Fall.  Part of our daily one-on-one time will be practicing our Spanish phrases.  

As a group:

We finally finished our Weather Lapbook....I really think this poor book got lonely and didn't think we were going to finish it.

It got windy, so we finally got to try out our Annenometer we made with our weather kit a few weeks ago.  I climbed on the pool deck to get it to register.

We finished the week with Caty and Lydia's final soccer game of the Spring Session, and since we were in Bowling Green went to Home Depot's Kids Building Shop.  I had my thumb smashed 3 times by Brayden with the hammer and Joey spilled wood glue all over me and my dress, but it was fun.  We're going to paint our projects this next week.  Each one will have a supply cady for their school desks!

Next week:

Continue practicing Spanish. (Joey & Lydia mainly)
Start Story of the World Volume 1--What is family history?. (All the kids)
Math U See Primer (Lydia)
Teaching Textbooks (Joey & Brayden)
Mountain Habitats - Hands of a Child Series (All the kids)
Switched on Schoolhouse Grammar (boys)
Headsprout Phonics (Lydia)
Summer Bridge Activity Books for all except Caty to practice and check what they remember.
Caty will be working on shapes and following direction activities.
Letters A & B from Cuisinaire Rod Book.
Continue our Study of Jesus life
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