Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 6

In my life this week....

Been trying to organize my workspace.  I have too many books just piled around.  Need help!!!
Been also trying to keep the attitude of going with the flow.  We had an impromptu firefly unit that we worked on today.  I see the need for extra help in a couple math areas, so working on how to provide that help for the kids and how to be able to work with the three individually.  Also trying to type up in the boys blogs this week also, Joey is excited about this project.  I also started Rosetta Stone Spanish with him also.  I haven't studied Spanish since high school, so definitely needed some work for me here.  I have another that wants to learn French, so I may become tri-lingual

In our homeschool this week...

The kids all worked in their prospective math programs.  The boys will continue, but will be working with Lydia a bit on the side for higher number recognition.  Did not realize that Math U See starts throwing in place value this soon in their curriculum.

Joey and I started Rosetta Stone Spanish I.  He is doing fairly well.  We will continue practicing what words and phrases we did learn.

We learned more about bearded dragons this week and even did an impromptu Science unit on Lightening Bugs and did an old summertime favorite of firefly hunting.  I forgot how fun that can be.  We continued talking about nomads and becoming farmers.  And we did a seed growing experiment from a Ancient Science Activities book I found on Amazon.    So we did a bit of everything in Science.

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

We finally got Brayden out of the house this week.  He went to Agility therapy Tuesday night.  He even went to the library.  They all finished the Summer Reading Program and earned their backpacks.  As a reward, we allowed them to get their own library cards.  They will mainly be used to check out ebooks for their iPads, but they thought it was great!  This Saturday, Joey is going to compete in his first Agility Angels competition. He is pretty excited to be showing all he has learned from the volunteers.

My favorite thing this week was....

Has to be firefly hunting with the kids the other night!  It was tiring, but fun!!!!

What's working/not working for us....

I hate missing the girls horse lessons.  The girls love riding and they have such a wonderful teacher.  Definitely a must for our girls.  I have to say that it would be nice if my allergies would leave me alone.  And poor Brayden is having issues also.

Things I'm working on....

Trying to come up with a game plan for the boys.  They have med checks tomorrow, and there are some massive issues that need to be addressed.  I just don't know how to deal with things.  My patience today was tested so severely that I cried on several occassions.  My anxiety meds did not do anything to handle the situation either.  The dr. may not like my list of issues when I come in tomorrow.

I'm reading....
A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book OneA Survivor's Guide to Home SchoolingFamily Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense

Still trying to chug away at Game of Thrones but added two homeschooling books that read about in the Real-Life Homeschooling book.  They were recommended by parents that I share educational styles with.

A photo to share....

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  1. My Lily had to back off Math U See just for that reason! She was having too many problems locking down the abstracts of place value. We did the Kumon books of counting money and time for about 6 months then came back to it. She is 7 now and much more ready! Like her brain just clicked into place.

  2. I just order Rosetta Spanish:) still waiting for it to arrive. Also just starting MAth U see this year for my daughter. Firefly catching sound like lots of fun:) I have read the 2 homeschooling books you mentioned both are good:) Have a good weekend.

  3. Our oldest will be doing Rosetta Stone French this year! We are so excited, as we have heard great things about the program, and we loved doing the demo. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to stopping by your blog.

  4. Oh, I'll be looking forward to seeing your posts on Rosetta Stone Spanish in the future. I'm planning to get it next year for my oldest's first year of high school. (I had French in school so I'll be learning with him! LOL) And I'm with you on the allergies! I'm done with them!