Friday, July 22, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 7

In my life this week…

Stressful as usual.  Just working on schoolwork and trying not to melt in the heat.  The heat index has been around 105-108F about every day.  Most everyone in the US though is dealing with these temps.  But they seem to make the kids extra cranky.  With the ozone warnings, allergies have been off the charts.  Poor Brayden...and Joey is experiencing acid reflux from one of his meds.  I feel like we need to be on the dr.'s speed dial.

Been trying to clean up the house for the appraisers, trying to make it a clean---disorganized---cluttered house.  It definitely has the lived in look! 

Actually finished another book review this week and we are anxiously awaiting our first review from the TOS Crew.  Should be receiving it soon.  

Also trying to plan our next trip to Tennessee, which is coming up in August now.  We also want to spend a week at Cedar Point before we go down there for a week.  Let's see if we can get Brayden out of the house.
In our homeschool this week…

We are studying volcanoes in science.  And in history we have begun our study of Ancient Egypt.  I am expanding on the Story of the World lessons with History Pocket and Ancient Science experiement books.  With the heat we also attempted to cook an egg out on teh sidewalk....doesn't work.  Lydia and I have been playing her new math Twister game and Bubble gum number game from Learning Resources.  We also started playing a new game I found on Amazon called Sequence Letters.  She is really struggling with number recognition (or she is faking it...who knows!).  Our ladybug larva arrived and we have them tucked into their habitat.  Waiting on the ants now.

Sequence Letters

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

The only place we went was the library.  The kids reached the 23 hour mark in the library reading program.  The boys couldn't come with us due to allergy warning for Brayden and Joey was just plain I left them home.  I did take Joey to BG to take Grandma to her nail appointment and we stopped at Staples to get some specials to restock our shelves.  We also stopped and got some metamorphic rock samples at a local store with a small educational supply section (did I mention small...was able to get 2 accurate samples).

My favorite thing this week was…

Playing games with the kids.  We also watched ALOT of Veggie Tales this week.  Even with the price increase, I still love Netflix!!!

Things I’m working on…

Just cleaning shelves and hoping not to lose my mind.  I am also slowly planning the kids room remodels.  Lydia is driving me crazy about this.  But with all the issues running through our house right now.....ugggghhh, I don't think I can handle too much more.

I’m reading…

I am actually reading both the Duggar Family books right now.  Very interesting to read about their family.  I also snuck a book review title in this week.  Very good book.  Will finish the Duggar Books this week and I will have read my goal of 10 books for the Adult Summer Reading wish I could win the Nook Color they are giving away.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

We watched some friends kids on Sunday.  Brayden loves babies and had to read their little girl Backyardigans.  He is strangely drawn to these Rebus readers and everytime he sees them (since Kindergarten) he reads them.  He found them at the library again.  Of course Caty is loving them now also.  But I caught this shot Sunday and thought it was soooo cute!


  1. What a busy week! You certainly have a full plate right now. I am excitedly awaiting my first TOS Review item too :)

  2. Isn't the heat terrible? Towns all over Maine broke records today! Someone told me my town as 105.8 degrees! Unheard of! This is Maine! LOL And we have NO AC! Ugh! I've read the "older" Duggar book. It'll be fun to read the newest!

  3. Wow! That sure was a jam-packed week you had! We are experiencing very hot temps here too- unbearable humidity. Thank goodness for AC! I have read the Duggar books too and we just LOVE watching their family every week on TLC. Thank you for sharing!