Monday, July 18, 2011

Tranforming Twister

Who hasn't played a spirited game of Twister?  Well I started thinking about something over the weekend after a conversation I had with Betsy at All my Baby Birds.  I had bought the education cubes and subscribe to Mama Jenn's site.  But we just weren't using them, not very well at all...bad mommy!  Anyway, I started thinking, why can't I use Twister with the education cubes?!?!  So with brain in motion, I got started.  What to attempt first?

Education Cubes

Lydia has been struggling with number recognition.  She knows basic addition, but only verbally.  If we have to write numbers, she gets stuck and frustrated.  So I had decided to take a step back from Math U See the next week or so and really focus on recognition with her (and Caty..why not??).  I decided to pull out old tricks like numbered Dot-to-Dots and then the Twister idea hit me like a brick.  Why not put the numbers on the circles and then roll the educubes to make it a game. 

Then I hit my first road block, well really it was the only road block.  How to get the numbers to last without need to print a new set each time.  I am low on laminate sheets and the pockets I was pricing at Staples was above our budget this week.  So I was brainstorming ideas and while outback watching the kids swim, remembered my mom has tons of office supplies in their house.  So went asking what she may have to "donate" to our gameboard.  Sure enough she had some of the pockets!!!  The ones in the link above.  They work out very well on the board.

The pockets stick right on the board and you can easily change out the items.  If you subscribe to Mama Jenn's Education Cube Site, you can print games for all subjects from Math through Social Studies.  I am planning on printing cards for the boys to practice their math tables, geography and even science units.  The possibilities are endless!!

Our finished board with number from 11 - 34.

Lydia playing the game.  We roll each color and she finds the number.  I tell her whether to use her foot or hand.  Right now I just see how the least twisted she will end up so she doesn't fall and then get frustrated.  We will continue to add more challenge!

What you need to complete the project:

1 Twister game
1 set of Education Cube (or peek blocks)
Inserts from Education Cubes
Some Smead self-stick pockets

She liked this...and I appreciate Grandpa and Grandma giving us the pockets for our game.  They should get lots of use!!!  My mind is full of ideas how to use this new found system!

Thanks for Mama Jenn for the Education Cubes site!!!  You can buy your own blocks from here and here.

**Now for my disclosure....I purchased all the materials and subscriptions that I used in helping to make our new game.  I am not receiving compensation.


  1. Lets see if my comment will post, they never do.

    This is what have when 2 great minds come together, pure genius

  2. Oh yay, it posted I have been having issues with my google account and posting. I need to get those cubes, and a twister board!

  3. What a great idea. I would have never thought of that. Thanks for linking up to NOBH.

  4. great idea! I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for my education cubes! Now I need to buy twister! :D I'll be posting a few ideas again next week as well...I have some up at the EC show and tell now! :D My kids love the cubes! we try to use them atleast once a week....

  5. Love this idea for the education cubes! Think I am going to buy an extra twister game and the self stick pockets to do this with my little one!

  6. Renita,
    I absolutely LOVE your Education Cubes idea! Thanks so much for linking up to the Show & Tell! May I have permission to feature your idea on the blog? I would use one of your photos and provide links back to your site! Please let me know your thoughts!