Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caty School this week

In Caty School this week, we will be playing pretend.  (Yes they are playing in their new gymnastics costumes.  They start in a couple weeks, and they loved their costumes so much they wanted to play in them.  I gave in for an hour.)
I found some printable play kitchen menus and put them in plastic sleeves.  She has a notebook and ready to go.

Trying to remember she is 3 1/2.  But she wants to do some things like the big kids, so I plan stuff for her too.  She has been begging for some of the Nick Jr. printables.  So I printed a few.  We worked on them yesterday.  We also talked about rectangles and the color black.

More Nick Jr. printables and some of the Brightly Beaming Resources Curriculum mixed in.  This week we are continuing the Letter C and Number 3. 

She loves cutting exercises but yesterday she just wanted to do tracing.  So I just let her chose what activities she wants to do out of this book.

Caty is learning about Cows and both girls are working on Chickens.

We are going to work with color bears counting and we did color sorting of some puzzle piece erasers I found at Staples.  I will post pictures of that as we come up with more ideas.

Have a great week!!!

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