Monday, August 29, 2011

Caty School

Our little Caty started back to Preschool today.  We have been doing school already at home.  But she receives speech therapy twice a week at a local special needs school down the road from us.  Today was her first day back to class (and a very sad mommy).  So this is her posing on the front steps this morning.  She didn't want to ride the bus there, she wanted to ride in Mommy's van to school.  I'm pretty sure she will test out of her IEP in the next few weeks.  She never...ever shuts up!

She is styling with her new Team Umi Zoomi Backpack and new Skechers.

 Does she know who Gene Simmons is already?

In her boxes this week, we will be working on holding our pencils/crayons properly.

Of course continue with shapes and colors.  May do green this week.

A cut and paste activity.

She will sit in on our beginning map skills.  I made copies for her too.

This is a great book because it gives them the gray guidelines to follow. 

This is her new Math books.  You can check it out here.  I think it was very pricey....but it looks nice.  We bought the whole set.  And starting with patterns.  Each set (there 3 total and we spent $49.95 w/ shipping and a backpack), comes with a DVD, math activity card pack, two activity/workbooks and 2 pencils and erasers.  I'll let you know how she is liking it over the next few weeks.

We are going to keep reading about chickens and do some more chicken drawings tomorrow.  We will use feathers to help create them.  We are going to cram in our Literature Lessons tomorrow too because we are taking Thursday off to have a family day.   I don't want to skip or push back any more material. 


  1. I so want to buy the umi zoom kits

  2. Too cute! I love Handwriting without Tears, I tried to find this one at Mardel but they were out. I use it for my 2nd grader and Kinder. Stopped by from the Hop. Thanks for sharing, you have such a cute family!