Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy National Roasted Marshmallow Day!!!

When : Always on August 30th
Origin: Unknown
During eleven out of the  twelve months of the year, we enjoy a wide range of holidays. When we get to August, there is a major shortage of big holidays to celebrate. Perhaps that is why many Europeans take the month of August off for vacation.
Perhaps it as just as well that there are no big holidays to compete with National Marshmallow Toasting Day. After all, how could any holiday compare with this day!?!
Enjoy today or tonight by a campfire or bonfire, toasting a big, soft, sticky and sweet marshmallow, or two, or three, or….. Summer would not be the same without a campfire and this great campfire treat.Summer is short. Summer is good. So enjoy it while it is still here. Toast a marshmallow and forget about everything else. 

So we grabbed the marshmallows and toothpicks and had some more fun after schoolwork was done.

We wanted to build the tallest marshmallow structure we could....


We attempted.......

We only got 6-8 inches tall.  Not sound for an earthquake area...lol.

So we went inside and roasted marshmallows instead.

We also tried to think of marshmallow treats like Peeps, Rice Krispie Treats and marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwiches.....MMMMMmmmm.

Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!!!


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