Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Week in REview - July 24-30, 2011

This week we actually did more schoolwork in the evenings than during the typical "daytime" school.  But worked for us.  We continued reading about Jesus life.  We learned more about the Lost Son and the Good Samaritan.  That was a great discussion to have with the kids on why we need to help all people and the ways we can do so.

We started our animal study.  I am soooo grateful for Homeschool Share.  They have had most of the activities we will be using over the next few weeks for our lapbooks.  I also have included some activities and worksheets from Enchanted Learning.
Our first was the Zebra.

Africa's Wildlife Collection Zebras and Rhinos DVD, National Geographic (Zebras: Patterns in the Grass, The Rhino War)

We watched this dvd.  

Our Shreks grew some.

The girls and I used this book for our Literature unit.  Such a cute title and then we played this game like Old Maid.

We also started our Ladybug unit.  Again using alot of pieces from Homeschool Share. 

We had our first Ladybug emerge from the Pupa stage.  Now we're waiting on the final 15 (at least).

We finished our brief discussion about the religion of Ancient Egypt.  We also finished our Volcano Unit (that's my next post). 
Since we are studying about Ancient Egypt, we watched this dvd which showed the regions up and down the Nile.  It showed some wonderful shots and information about Egyptian landmarks.

Video Visits: Discovering Egypt
(Got it from Netflix).

Lydia continued her work with number recognition.  She also started Click n Read Looney Tunes Phonics, which she is really liking so far.  She got bored with Headsprout and lost interest really quick.  But we still own her levels, so we will switch between the two to help her out.

The boys continued in their Teaching Textbooks and we read a lot outloud!  Which they seemed to enjoy as long as we had the ebooks loaded on their iPads.

This week, we will finish the ladybug unit, learn about hieroglyphics, and our next animals are the hippo and giraffe.  Lydia will continue with phonics and math.  She and Caty will continue using Language Lesson for Little Ones.  We will soon be starting Before Five in a Row, so we are very excited!  And they will finish the Library Summer Reading Program.  Our library has theirs running until August 6th.
The kids will most likely be at around 50 hours.  They all did awesome this year with their reading and wanting to be read to!!  Best year ever!!!


  1. Now that sounds like a full week of school!! And fun too!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, productive too!